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We believe space and culture have the power to boost creativity, increase productivity and strengthen relationships. We make award-winning furniture, offer space planning services and share insights about workplace culture so your team can build a place you’ll be glad to call home.

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We make it easy to come together to create, collaborate and build the kind of culture that makes people smile by creating modular furniture that grows as you grow.

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A new office takes more than a few finger snaps. Luckily, we make it easy to get the space of your dreams. Just click the button below to schedule a call with our space planning team.

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Check out our blog for design tips, how-to lists, research and great advice to help grow your business.

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We create spaces that inspire creativity and make collaboration easy. With bright colors, smart functionality and modular designs that grow with you, turnstone delivers instant culture and bold personality.

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Our space planning experts take the guesswork out of creating great spaces. We work with you to design a customized office that inspires your team and ignites startup culture in the workplace.

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