bivi by turnstone is the ultimate modern office desk

not just another desk.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Bivi’s modern style and simple modularity adapts to any organization, adjusting to the many ways people work and collaborate. Bivi bench desks, seating and accessories help you create a workplace that’s all about who you are today and what you’ll become tomorrow.

designed with you in mind.

When we designed Bivi, we didn’t have to go far for inspiration. Everyday life has plenty. And some of it actually makes us better at what we do for a living. Those things that give us comfort, energy and even happiness outside of the office help create a smarter, harder-working place to work.

We studied some of the most admired small businesses to see what’s made them great—and what keeps them that way—and found several common themes.

  • Their personality comes through.
  • They have the freedom to be themselves.
  • There is passion for their craft.
  • A sense of community makes them part of something bigger.
  • As a team, they have fun together.
  • They have a choice of how and where they want to work.
  • They take time to connect.

bivi desks - what makes small businesses great

space to work. room to grow.

Bivi fits (and continuously adapts to) your space, your people and the work you do. Not sure what your business will look like in a year or a month? Or even a day? That’s OK. Bivi’s simple design and easy-to-rearrange parts give you lots of options to consider.

product offering.

The Bivi collection was designed to adapt to your space and provide the flexibility and style that every space deserves. Whether you’re looking for the perfect desk for two, an entire office setting, or simply an accessory or two to make the space great, Bivi has you covered.

Bivi Reconfiguration Video »

configuration & assembly.

Assembling Bivi is easy. But just in case you need some guidance, we created a series of step-by-step instructions and videos to help walk you through the configuration and assembly process.

Bivi Assembly Instructions »


Bivi was designed with the power needs of the user in mind. The development team wanted to make buying power simple and easy to understand, install, and use. The power strips are designed to be integrated into the desk so that the user is able to seamlessly access power without getting under the desk or climbing over things.

Bivi Electrical (PDF) »

a good fit for the office.

People thrive when they’re able to express themselves and let their passions drive them. Whether it’s bringing bikes and pets to the office or working wherever inspiration strikes, personal lives are an increasing part of today’s professional work environment. For that reason, Bivi has a place for each and every thing that makes an office feel like a home.

Personalize Your Bivi

time to get bivi.

Start small with a few key pieces, or go big with a complete office redesign. Bivi is ready when you are.