One of artistic freedom. One of determination and individuality. One of authenticity and focus.

These stories matter, because the workplace begs for more than beige.

It demands a framework to express personality. It clamors for room to collaborate, ideate and innovate. It aches for spaces to rejuvenate, to engage deeply — to thrive.

Bivi reminds us that all this is possible, and that the office is empowered to write its own story. It’s invited to blur the lines between work and home with bold brush strokes and inspired, honest design.

So don’t just rock the boat.
Step out of the sea of sameness.
Step into Bivi.

reject the sea of sameness

Telling authentic stories begins with the freedom to create something truly representative of who you are. With a full range of surface materials and new fabrics available, Bivi removes the boundaries of customization, bringing residential beauty to the workplace.

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do more with less

Bivi incorporates a variety of postures and provides privacy in the workplace with the turn of a single tool. Its insight-led design offers sitting, standing and lounge options in one collection, so you can do more with less.

explore modularity

make it your own

Bivi Accessories make it easy to personalize your workspace. From Board Racks and Bike Hooks to storage and organization, Bivi brings a whole new story to the office — one perfectly designed to fit you.

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power up

Bivi’s built-in power keeps you plugged in and fully charged all day long. With options that suit any workplace and cord management to keep surfaces tidy, you’ll stay focused on the things that matter most.

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create something

We’re inspired by the Maker Movement and celebrate creativity wherever it happens. That’s why we’re sharing free, downloadable 3D files for Bivi accessories you can make at home.

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explore new spaces

Grab a Google Cardboard headset and experience colorful new offices inspired by Bivi. Get inspired by a range of postures designed to let you love the way you work.

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time to get bivi

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