10 reasons to leave your desk


When it seems that all of your productivity can be done while sitting at a desk and starring at a screen, there are still plenty of reasons to unplug and leave your desk.

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Walk around. Yes, it's as simple as that. Move your legs. Get up for 5 minutes and move your body. Circulation helps and the literal movement can sometimes get your brain to the next task if you find yourself in a slump.


Hydrate. Maybe while you're up you can refill your water bottle.


Take a breather outside to catch up on your google Reader, a memo you can take with you or a quick phone call home.


Leave your desk to make calls if you can. Are you set up to be able to make some of your important calls from your cell phone? Get away from the desk and distractions of your to-do list to focus on the conversation at hand. Walk the halls if you have to.


When the weather permits grab your lunch and eat away from your desk. Does your office have an outdoor courtyard? That's for you.



Conference calls require your desk or the conference room most of the time - but don't feel like you have to sit in on it. It's ok to walk around and talk with your hands. Wear a head piece and move around the office if it's not too distracting to your coworkers.


Go to the bathroom. Seems elementary to mention this, but I know I can be so in the zone and focused that not only am I forgetting to hydrate or eat, I'm forgetting to give my body the break it needs to release toxins. Just walking to the Rest Room will feel better.


Wireless. WIFI. Detached. All the things we love to hear in our (im)mobile world. Your printer might be wireless but you still need to retrieve your papers. Take a lap, say hi to your coworkers, grab a glass of water.


If you're really stuck on a project or task, set your the timer on your phone for 10 minutes, then 2 minutes. Alternate concentrating on the task and making small headway and then when your 10 min are up, use the 2 minutes as a break to surf the web for inspiration, take a walk outside for some fresh air or return a quick phone call.


Take a meeting. Get some face to face time with your client or coworkers. Leave your sanctuary and get your creative juices flowing. Collaborate.

I know some of these are overlapping ideas mostly centered around just getting up to move around, but it's so important and there are just so many ways to go about it. What did I miss? What gets you up and out of your chair and do you battle the urge to stay seated longer than needed? 


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If you like to snack while you work, store your goodies in a location other than your desk. When you have to get up and go to your secret stash in the break room, you’ll at least be getting a little more walking in. It might also help you cut back on your snacking. Either way, it’s a win-win.


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