10 Tips for Staying Productive When the Weather’s Nice


Does the sun shine relentlessly through your office windows, teasing you, while you diligently work through your task list and project log? Perhaps you just saw a friend post a photo via instagram or twitter of their fantastic day at the beach, a vacation photo, or bragging rights to a day dedicated to playing, not working.

Thumbs down.

Here's a few tips on how to stay productive even when the weather's nice. 

1. When you check the forecast in the morning and you see that it's going to be sun and blue skies, stop at your back door garden on your way to work and clip a few stems to brighten your desk. If you don't have flowers blooming, a detour to the grocery story before work is in order. 

2. Splurge! Instead of brewed coffee at the office, bring in your sweet tea recipe to share with the whole office. Fun straws never hurt, either.

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3. Often changing one small thing about your day can affect the outcome in big ways. Change out your stuffy closed toe shoes for today with a sandal or flip flop. Your feet are at the beach while your head is at work. Look at you, being in two places at once. 

4. The sun is shinning but doesn't reach your desk? Relocate for today! Sit outside while hammering through emails or take a "work vacation" to a coworking space for the afternoon.

5. Eat outside. On the deck of a restaurant, in the outdoor patio of your office complex, on your front porch. It doesn't matter - but eat outside. And not in your car, that doesn't count.

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6. Hawaiian shirts in the back of your closet were manufactured for days like this. Be that person, bring the outside in and watch your friends at work smile as you walk past. A happy office environment lends itself well to productivity.

7. If you're on foursquare, be sure to check-in to a resort in the Caribbean instead of your office for the day. Even though you'll be inside on a conference call all morning, you're digital alter-ego is hamming it up with an umbrella drink with the locals. We're all impressed.

8. Schedule a mid-morning breather to catch up on blogs, articles or personal emails. A quick connection, early in your day, to the "outside world" will keep you feeling connected and not like you're missing out. 

9. Take your phone calls outside - a bit of fresh air coupled with your getting something done will bring the outside air back to your desk with you. You'll breeze through your tasks knowing you're only steps away from a reason to escape outside.

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10. Work through lunch and head out of the office early, if you can. Having a goal like that can motivate you to get everything done and then some. When the time comes for your to duck out early you'll have relief that you're not leaving your desk with more work to accomplish tomorrow. Take the long way home, with your windows down - or better yet, meet a friend for happy hour at your favorite outdoor watering hole.


cswitch11 January 25, 2013

i remember my old friends on that picture when we were having a good in our carport at home. it was my birthday that time.

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