13 Tips to Finish your Unfinished Business


Whether you started your business 6 months ago or 6 years ago, I can almost guarantee you have list of things you're planning to get to "some day". A list of things that you'd really like to do, things that you probably should do, but for whatever reason, still aren't finished.

You're busy. I get it! 

However, I often find that the summer months are a great time to tackle some of these unfinished items before the crazy busy back-to-school and holiday seasons ramp up again.


Let's start with your office...

Do you need to touch up any paint, or maybe paint your space for the first time?

Even if you're woking out of your basement or garage, an inexpensive coat of paint will go a long way in making your office look more inviting, more professional, and more "real". This will make it more enjoyable to spend time in your office space and hopefully even increase your productivity.

Do you need to hang any window treatments?

Or maybe you just need to wash the window treatments you have up right now? While you're at it, quickly wipe down the window sills and wash the windows.

Are you still using a card table and folding chairs?

Even if new furniture is not in your budget just yet, I'm positive you can find an inexpensive upgrade on Craigslist, from a garage sale, or even a thrift store. A nice desk with storage, a comfy chair, and some type of filing cabinet should all be items in your office space.

Is your office properly arranged and organized?

If not, I guarantee you're wasting valuable time searching for things you need. Arrange your workspace so the items you use most are within arm's reach. Put lesser used items on the top shelf or in the back of the bottom drawer.


Now let's add in a few accessories...

Are your pens still in a Styrofoam coffee cup? 

Time to make the switch over to a coordinating set of REAL desk accessories -- and honestly, they don't have to be expensive! In 5 minutes, your office space will look more professional and more organized.

Do you still use shoeboxes to organize your tax refunds?

I love using shoeboxes as inexpensive organizers... but you need a real filing cabinet and some file folder to accurately keep track of all those important papers. Once you have your filing cabinet, take an afternoon to set up an organized filing system... you'll be amazed how painless tax season is when all your documents are organized ahead of time!

What about wall art and personal photos?

I can't stand offices with no personality! Take an afternoon to add a few fun accessories like family photos, posters or other fun (yet inexpensive) wall art, make your own message board, and maybe even bring in a plant or two.

What do your business cards looks like?

I love ordering new business cards and even though I often don't use all of them in a year's time, I almost always order new ones each year. I want them to look fresh, new, crisp, and of course I want to make sure all my contact information is 100% up-to-date.



And finally, let's look at your technology...

Is your computer slow and outdated?

I honestly can't think of any business in today's world that could run smoothly without the use of a reliable and up-t0-date computer. If your computer has seen better days, it's time for an upgrade. Do a little research and figure out exactly what you need/want. Then, take advantage of the back-to-school deals in August.

What about your cell phone?

If you haven't upgraded to a Smartphone yet, it's probably time. I know it's an extra expense, but I can attest how much more productive I've been (and how much time I've saved myself) since splurging on an iPhone. Plus, there are so many amazing free Apps for small businesses, you can practically run your business from your phone!

Do you have a mess of cords everywhere?

First of all, get rid of any cords your aren't using and switch to "wireless" or "cordless" for as many of your devices as possible. Set up a charging station for your phone, iPad, MP3 player, etc. Then use a power strip to free-up a few extra outlets and corral your cords with zip-ties or labeled tags so you know which cord goes to each item.

When was the last time you updated your social media profile? 

If you can't remember, you should probably do that... soon! Update your image on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and any other social media groups you're part of. Update your resume, your job and personal information, your experience, your contact information, etc.

You do have a website, right?

If you don't have a website, create one now! If you do have a website but don't regularly update it, schedule a block of time to delete out-dated information and replace it with fresh new content.

It may seem overwhelming to think about doing all of these things at once, but over the rest of the summer, pick and choose one or two projects each week and come September, your list of "to-do someday" should be quite a bit smaller!

What's the next project on your list?


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