17 Highly Personalized Workstations


In today's office landscape some companies have implemented clean desk policies, others have begun hotdesking (where employees must keep personal belongings in lockers), and others have given little deskspace for personalization - but in a world where people seem to yearn to set themselves apart and make things their own, that may not always be the best policy.

Though many companies seem to actively fight against personal expression in the form of personalized workstations, others have given the green light and let their employees go for it

Now, depending on your levels of cleanliness and clutter - you might experience pain while looking at these examples - but for those that love to make your desk your home - let these be an inspiration!


Invisible Creature Design

Missing Link

Cartoon Network

Ray Eames




Grand Gift


San Diego Office Furniture June 30, 2012

Love all the creativity. This is certainly one way to make sure the office decor never gets stale. Not too sure about the guy who brought his dog to work. Doesn’t he know dogs can be dangerous? The one in the picture looks like a serious tripping hazard:)


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