21 Inspirational Collaborative Workspaces


If your company isn't thinking about collaboration and creating an office design centered around collaboration, chances are that the office you've built is stuck in the doldrums. These days everyone wants to collaborate with other - it can help improve work by getting more minds thinking about the same problem, and it can be a fun, social experience where employees build community ties.

  • According to a recent Gensler study, top companies tend to organize offices using collaboration as a key building block.




But of course, collaborative spaces aren't built simply by putting people next to one another - but are instead an intentional space with the tools necessary for collaborative activities. Below are a few examples from a wide variety of companies.


BGT Partners














Horizon Media









One & Co












Three Drunk Monkeys

TNT Express

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A. Shaikhon July 15, 2012

Fantastic work spaces.

Mark McDonald July 19, 2012

Interesting that white boards are a common theme.  Also people still need to pin up paper in this age of the paperless office.

catherine July 26, 2012

I love all that the designs and really inspirational and very creative. Workspaces should be considered the second home and redecorating it with fantastic and complementing colors along with furnitures that really reflects the people working in it then I guess you will never stop admiring your work space. It should be wonderful enough to inspire ideas and also to lift up moods. This collection is definitely thumbs up! I also found great home and work designs at this site: Both gave me ideas what I should do with my house for my remodeling plan.

Devine August 1, 2012

Very impressive! I really love the designs and the photos. Collaborating different designs for your old and traditional work spaces really makes the whole environment the best place to live and work. It also adds to the productivity of the workers and staffs. I really like the new improvements in collaborative ideas of the office remodeling plan. 

isobelle January 17, 2013

Thank you for collecting so many examples of different types of collaborative work spaces for exchange and thinking. It’s good to see the different surface materials: glass, blackboard texture, whiteboard, cork and so forth.

These spaces are colourful and textural, inviting participation and a forum for people to play and work.

The most prominent element is that work spaces are fun and social, a much needed break form sitting in front of a screen from Monday to Friday and wondering where the week went.

Dr. Bender March 20, 2013

Dr. B:
I was looking at my weekly safety email and this was a link.  I know you are going to talk about the office “remodel” today and thought this may be a fun a thing to show.  Just an idea…  SheilaB

emmanuel May 10, 2013

sweetest workspaces ever ....i particularly love the second Skype work space with green carpets. am trying to setup an IT studio in Nigeria i think i will adopt that. nice article 5stars

Isobelle May 11, 2013

I too like the Skype workplace, in particular the brightly coloured seats, you ‘d have to feel happy sitting on one of those.  The table top has been shaped to fit the flow of the work area.

Russ Watson AIA June 24, 2013

Interesting high tech or low tech it’s always the same:  People sitting at desks or meeting or standing doing show and tell.  About all that’s different is furniture and the gizmo’s…

George Coolbaugh July 14, 2013

We are currently re designing our office space to be collaborative.  We get so much more quality work done when we are together.  I love the Google ant the Skype space. creation is innovation,

Latelatino October 14, 2013

Cool spaces with natural light. Thanks for sharing.
Late Latino

Joey Wilson January 4, 2014

Love the youthful edginess of the tire chairs.  Wish I knew where to buy them.  Actually, I would love to know who to contact about donating them to a turn around high school.  we are creating a collaboration center..

George Matthew February 23, 2014

Plcall on me for more information.
George Mathew Sent

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habib April 13, 2014

wow. very fantastic work place.Ulasan motor

christine May 21, 2014

I love the color in the Skype office!

Fashion Tale August 9, 2014

it can help improve work by getting more minds thinking about the same problem, and it can be a fun, social experience where employees build community ties.

Fashion Tale

kaku August 18, 2014

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