3 Simple Steps to Clean and Declutter Your Office


There are usually 3 times every year when I like to clean every surface in my office.

Those 3 times are:

  1. The beginning of the New Year
  2. Spring Break
  3. Back-to-School

So since we've just started another New Year, I'm ready to clean, clean, clean!

After a relaxing time away from work during the holiday season, I like to "attack" my office and whip it into shape for another productive year ahead.

I find that when my office is clean and decluttered, I not only enjoy spending time in my office, but I'm also much more productive because I can find what I want and don't waste time moving piles around or searching through all the junk in my drawers.

If you'd like to jump-start your New Year with a sparkly clean (and more productive) workspace, here are 3 simple steps to help you get started!

Step 1 = Declutter

Before you can really CLEAN your office space, you must first declutter the surfaces, cabinets, drawers, etc.

This might seem overwhelming, but I promise it will be a lot easier once you bite the bullet and just get started. Don't believe me? Here are 10 ideas to organize your office in 10 minute or less!

Weed out your filing cabinets to make room for all those piles on your desk, clean out your Inbox, delete all those voice message, coral your cord clutter, and purge/donate anything you don't need, use, love, or want.

Step 2 = Clean

You don't need to get carried away scrubbing every nook and cranny for hours on end, however, a thorough office cleaning is more than just casually wiping the crumbs off your computer keys!

Here are a few of my general office-cleaning tips.

Also, if you're looking for a fabulous "green" cleaner for your office, try mixing 1/2 water and 1/2 white vinegar in a spray bottle. You can use this to disinfect and clean almost any hard surface!

Step 3 = Maintain

Once you've decluttered and deep cleaned your space, I can guarantee it will get dirty, messy, and cluttered again -- unless you never actually use your office!

In order to KEEP your office in tip-top shape, I'd suggest creating some sort of daily, weekly, and/or monthly maintenance plan.  And if you have common areas on your office (kitchen, conference room) it might be a good idea to ask for help from your colleges to maintain the cleanliness of those spaces.

I like to quickly declutter my own personal workspace every evening, clean common areas on a weekly basis, and do over-all deep-cleaning each quarter.

I think you might just be surprised how these three simple steps can totally change the look, feel, and even function of your office space!


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maria January 29, 2013

I agree that the first step to really getting something clean is to remove all the things that you don’t need to keep there. It’s wonderful to start your new year with a good deep cleaning! I did it this year, and I’m sold!

wholesale office supplies March 3, 2013

Declutter. Clean. Maintain. These 3 steps are really the best way to ensure that your space is always ready for work.

Justin Schaid April 2, 2013

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commercial cleaning at Sydney June 18, 2013

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Sarah July 16, 2013

Really 3 good ideas of cleaning. This can be effective and helpful as well. To know more about different cleaning service in Australia Check out

John henry July 23, 2013

Cleaning is most important element in our life. Many people don’t take attention at this important issue. Work spaces are mostly dirty due to lack of cleaning routine. We should improve our environment and makes it neat and clean by following regular cleaning schedule. Your cleaning blog is also very helpful to make a proper cleaning schedule and I will try your suggestions in my practical life. <a >Commercial Cleaning Sydney</a>

Benjamin Dover September 27, 2013

I usually clean my workspace by hand. Always clean the mess as soon as it happens. That’s a lot easier instead of waiting for the cleaning lady to do it. A clean office space is a lot better for concentration and your personal health.
For home, I like cleaning myself, but I don’t always have the time. Then I hire professional cleaners. It is a little bit expensive, but you don’t do it every week, so it’s a good investment. My home is always fresher and cleaner when I hire a company.
And when I move out I use Move out Mates. That’s an end of tenancy cleaning company London based and quite professional.
And I agree - maintenance is really important - makes everything simpler.

Mini Clean April 7, 2014

I really can relate when it comes to cleaning every New Year. Well, I would love to start the year with everything that is clean. I do better in decluttering but I got ton of problems in terms of maintaining the cleanliness that I had since day 1. I would surely try this one as to it might work on me. Thanks!

Cory Waltmathe August 20, 2014

Easy steps to follow! Very beneficial for a meticulous person like me. My office is my second home, so I think cleaning is as important to me as it is to my co-workers. It’s always comforting to work in fresh and clean surroundings.

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