5 All-Around Best Office Designs


If you've been reading here very long, chances are that you've noticed that blog entries are heavily driven by the ideas of design, productivity, entrepreneurship, and culture - all of which can be very important parts of running a successful business. Though some might argue that one or another is most important, it seems apparent that when all are firing properly, it create a wonderful working environment.

The following list of offices are spaces in which their office designs have what seems to be a great mixture of design, entrepreneurship, productivity, and culture: Google, Atlassian, Microsoft, Aol, and LEGO.

Of course, some naysayers might point out that three of them have slides and that slides are not realistic for a normal business. But I'd argue that the point of the slides more about their ability to bring the idea of fun and playfulness to a company culture as opposed to the utility of actually sliding down them. If you can't have a slide, use something else that does the job.

Google Zurich

Google's offices are well-known for being places of fun, entrepreneurship, and productivity; their Zurich offices are no exception. 

Atlassian San Francisco

A worldwide software company, Atlassian's new San Francisco offices are built upon the ideals of openness and transparency.

Microsoft Vienna

This new office space is part of a strategy by Microsoft to update many of their office space to modern standards. And if this space is any indication, their offices around the world are going to be amazing.

Aol Palo Alto

These new offices were part of a plan to create a space employees would want to work. As you can see, the space has many fun features from game areas and a great cafeteria. Open workspaces are broken up by more casual zones throughout the office.

LEGO Denmark

Who wouldn't want to work at LEGO? Especially with offices that are built for creativity, teamwork, and collaboration. And they have a slide to boot!


Philip February 19, 2013

very creative. truly inspired by such amazing work by designers.

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