5 Bright and Bold Office Spaces


As you know, this month the common theme on the Turnstone Blog has been all about awesome offices spaces and updating your workspace + work life. With that being said I couldn’t resist sharing 5 awesome office spaces that have bright and bold colors as their permanent décor + design. If you like out of the box design or you just love to see bright colors like orange, red, green and yellow then you’ll love these offices.

Step Up Women’s Network

Their Inspiration:

“My inspiration for the design for Step Up Women’s Network’s New York office came from the site:  the beautiful, sun-filled space looking out over Bleecker Street. It is fitting, then, that the offices for Step Up Women’s Network be located in a place that welcomes and encourages harmony. The end result is truly a blossoming design that reflects the optimism of the Step Up organization!”

Espana Photography

Their Inspiration:

“I am inspired by so many people, blogs and ideas.  I’d wanted to do a vintage wallpaper wall for a long time but didn’t know if I would be able to find, or afford, enough to do it.  I saw a wallpaper collage on SF Girl by bay that was definitely my inspiration.  On a recent trip to Seattle I helped my Aunt Trisha organize her art studio.  In return, she gifted me with some beautiful wallpapers!  The fun thing about this technique is it’s so changeable, and you could even use wrapping papers and scrapbook papers.  The rest of it was born out of a need for an organized space to work in, and of course pretty things to look at.”



Their Inspiration:

 “The first moment we walked into the building – prior, even, to the build-out of our space – we loved the natural light in the front and the high ceilings in the back. Combining the two areas into one was a must. So we broke through a wall and created an office with two distinctively different feels.”



Their Inspiration:

“Knowing that an office space gives everyone who walks through the doors visual cues about the company and the people who work there, we also wanted to make sure that the space matched our brand. The modern décor, the carpet tiles patterns that allude to pixels, splashes of our trademark orange on the walls and the distinct absence of cubicles let our visitors, clients and employees know that Springbox and our work is open, creative and innovative.”



Their Inspiration:

“The website of Hyves is very colorful, with orange and blue. And Hyves is a very fresh young Company, therefore we chose fresh colors.”

Looking for bright accessories for your workspace? Be sure to check out these bright and bold office accessories!

Does your office space incorporate bright colors? Let us know in the comments below!

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist


The Times Post June 20, 2013

Nice post!!! Thanks for sharing

The Times Post

abhigyan August 25, 2013

that’s bright and bold color attracts people more and it change the environment in a happy place to work. even I used to keep same color in my office.

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