5 Ways You Can Learn to be More Creative



I'm not naturally a super creative person so I had to force myself to LEARN how to be more creative when it came to doing business (and even in my personal life).  I used to think that creativity "wasted time" and prevented me from being as productive as I could. However, now I know that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Often time, I actually SAVE time because I can quickly and easily come up with ideas for my home, my business, and my life.

For example, if I'm trying to come up with a new logo, blog idea, or marketing campaign, I have a pretty good system down for thinking through the process and can accomplish my goal much faster now than I could before I learned to be more creative.

If you are struggling to get your creative juices flowing, here are 5 simple things I did (and still do) to help me be more creative -- and thus, more productive.

1. Search the internet:

I've found some of my most creative ideas for marketing, advertising, office organization, new trends, etc. by searching the internet, blogs, Pinterest, and the like. Obviously, I try not to copy something that's already been done before -- but by looking through hundreds (and even thousands) of ideas, I'm naturally more inclined to think of my own idea or a way to repurpose someone else's idea.

2. Take advice from creative people:

This might sound obvious, but if you never think to ask for help or advice, you might not get any. Surrond yourself with creative people (both business and non business people). Share your thoughts and see how they respond. There's a chance they will come up with some off-the-wall ideas that you might not love, but they might just come up with THE idea you were searching for!

3. Try to do it for free. 

One of my favorite ways to spark creativity is to try and do something for free. For example, if I'm looking for a new way to advertise a service or product, I will first see what I can come up with for free. Maybe it will be a total flop -- but at least I didn't waste any money... and who knows, it might just work!

I also use this method in my personal life when it comes to fashion, gardening, house projects, cooking, etc. You'd be surprised how creative you can get with little to no budget!

4. Schedule time to brainstorm and FORCE yourself to be creative:

Practice makes perfect... right?

You're not going to get better at being creative if you don't take the time to give your creative juices a workout. Schedule time every month, every week, or even every day to sit and let your creativity run wild.

I like to write down everything that comes to mind during my creative brain-storming sessions because you just never know when those ideas will be useful.

5. Don't be afraid to fail:

For those of us who are not naturally creative, it's hard to just do something -- because we are often afraid to fail. I know. I've been there too!

If you feel like you're shying away from even starting a project or trying a new idea because you aren't positive it will work; let me just encourage you by saying that some of my best ideas have come out of miserable failed attempts to do something creative! Don't let yourself be afraid to fail.  

Oh, and I think it goes without saying that creativity doesn't happen over night. But if you force yourself to practice it enough, you'll start to see changes in your work (for the better) and your clients, employees, family, and friends, will most likely notice too.

Then, all of a sudden, you'll start to notice that on top of being more creative, you're also becoming more productive! Win-win!

How do you find your creative inspiration?


Maegan Anderson March 10, 2013

Wow!Thanks for sharing this very informative article Andrea!That’s true,practice makes perfect. You can enhance your creativity by exerting time and effort to get better everyday.It may be hard at the start but when you see the improvement in your work, I’m sure that you will strive to do better the next day.

Austin Wendell May 9, 2014

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