7 Options for a Mobile Office: Your Seat


When you find yourself working from a different desk often you might also come to realize that the seat you choose can make or break your day.

Think about it; You sit for the majority of your work-day and Ergonomics proves to be important while seated. So whether you find yourself at your own desk, in a conference room, at a coworking facility or the coffee shop - we've got some great options for you to keep in mind since you can't always depend on having great options for your task chair.

Look for the Leap and Cobi Select chairs if they're available. These guys will support your Lumbar and they make it easy to adjust the comfort and height for your body. Not to mention, they just look cool.

got some new Leap chairs from @steelcase delivered today

Photo via schaapy on flickr. 

When you work from a coffee shop look for the comfortable seating area's - often it looks like a living room setup; you'll have a couch and a couple chairs with a coffee table or two. This is your best bet for long term parking with a cup of joe. Some coffee shops have window bars with high seating or are starting to create the workspace of high tables. Move around every hour if you plan to stay for the day, and if you park at a high table: stand for a while. 

At home you might already own a yoga ball and if you're working from home try trading out your desk chair or the dining room chairs for the yoga ball. You'll strengthen your core and improve your posture - and when you need a break you can roll down and stretch your back. Win win win!

At a conference all day? You might find yourself in a steel framed, upholstered chair. I'm so sorry for you. Hotels and conference centers are starting to catch on but for when you're stuck at the round table in a room of about 350 other uncomfortable people, try kneeling at your table instead. You can make the most of the chair you're given by turning around and using your lap as your desk as well, taking breaks often to stand and walk around. 

You could go 180 degrees the other direction, too. Take a stand and walk while working. Perhaps you're working out of town and need to log some hours of research before a meeting? In the event that your hotel or office doesn't have one of Steelcase's walking stations ... yet, head to the hotel gym and read your research while you walk.

When a couch is your only option, usually after you've returned home for the evening or if the coworking facility is full the day you're working out of it, look for a lap table to pull over and make use of. Turnstone offers a personal campfire table that would do the job well.

Mobile working has it's perks and you can often find the seat that fits your needs in order to get your task done (we hope, at least) however there are those days or delays or even layovers that leave you with the only option: a bed. Sitting up against a headboard, legs extended and laptop resting on your legs. Where ever you find yourself getting work done, temporary or permanently, it's good to have options. 

How do you work best being mobile? If it's for a short period of time, do you even pay attention to the options, or care? While I'm traveling, when I'm at home, or coworking locally - I always look for the same setup. I'm a desk worker through and through. A chair tucked under a table will do - as long as I have my dedicated space - I can park anywhere for a day.

What about you?


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