Amazing Office? Show It Off To Attract Employees


Many companies have gone to a great lengths to create attractive and comfortable office spaces for their current employees. And because of this great effort, these same companies should be capitalizing on their amazing workplaces to lure potential employees.

But these days it isn't enough to simply have those things in the office, but rather you need to let people know about them.

Shout It From The Rooftops

One company leading the way in this is Fog Creek Software in New York City. They have very specific goals in mind with regard to why they buy the best for employees, provide them with private offices, and provide lunches regularly. But the reason we know about it is because they wrote a wonderful series of blog posts on the subject.

Here's part one, part two and part three - they are worth the time to read through.

Google, Google, Google...

Another example of a company that prides itself on its offices and office culture is Google. You've probably seen their offices - one of the many - but they have spent a lot of money creating a specific type of company culture. While they aren't writing many blog posts, they do make sure people know what it is like to work there, which is why so many people aspire to work at the company.

Areas That Might Set You Apart

You might be wondering if your company has anything it can boast about - maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. If so, get to work boasting about it. If not, here are a few articles that discuss areas that might potentially set your office design, your office culture, and your company apart.




What is most attractive about a company's office, culture, and perks that would make you want to work there?



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