Are you a Considerate Co-Worker? 3 Annoying Habits to Stop Today.


Whether you own your business or you’re part of a team, co-working etiquette is something that is unfortunately, often overlooked. You’ve got the guy who yells when he’s on the phone or the girl who can’t stop chewing and popping bubbles with her gum. Even an awesome privacy screen can't help you get past these unfortunate habits. Here are 3 bad habits that everyone who works in or near someone else, needs to avoid.

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1. Perfume + Cologne Sprayer

Not everyone wears perfume or cologne and not everyone has a problem with it but its better to be safe than sorry. I know a handful of people that get severe migraines if they smell perfume or even some scented hand lotions.

Don’t spray or apply any perfume, scented lotion, air freshener etc while at work. Apply your scents at home and in moderation so you don’t cause headaches or worse, be known as that guy/girl who showers with perfume.


2. Must Yell When on a Sales call

I know what its like to be on a sales call-speaking louder, getting excited, feeling a jump in energy. I also know the co-worker out there (you know who you are) that when on a sales call has to yell. Whatever your reasoning for being loud, you need to stop J.

Talking too loud whether on the phone or in person is distracting and un-professional. If you need to speak loudly on a call, take it in another room away from other co-workers.

3. I Only Eat Foods that have a Strong Smell

Ah one of my favorite/most annoying habits is the person who brings in Indian food to eat at their desk. I love Indian food but the strong smell is not something that all your co-workers want to have all day while they work. It reminds me of being on a plane where someone brings an entire meal that the entire plane smells like his lunch.

Think about what you’re bringing in before you do it. A turkey sandwich makes more sense if you’re in an open office environment.

What you should eat at your desk:

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You may also want to look at your desk and see if your messy desk is distracting others

Do you have any of these habits or know someone who does? Let us know in the comments below!


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