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Geri Stengel is president of Ventureneer, a marketing research company targeting small business. Geri is a regular Forbes contributor, consultant, Kauffman facilitator and the author of Forget the Glass Ceiling: Building Your Business Without One.

How to Choose the Right Crowdfunding Option for Your Company

So many crowdfunding options — rewards-based, Title II, Title III and Title IV of the JOBS Act, and intrastate. Oh, my! How does an entrepreneur choose the right option for raising money? It depends. No one size fits all. Your options will vary by: the stage of your company the size of the market that you’re targeting the potential your offering

By | June 28th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Why Resilience is the Key for Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is never smooth sailing. Sometimes, you have the wind at your back. Other times, the seas are choppy and you have to batten down the hatches. It turns out that it’s not how you handle things when conditions are perfect but how you handle them when the winds are blowing at gale force — or when there isn’t a

By | June 21st, 2016|Startup Culture|

Book Provides Roadmap for Starting a Business

Are you starting a business for the first time? Are you unsure of the terrain and which path will be the right one for you? No need to fret — The Art of Startup Fundraising: Pitching Investors, Negotiating the Deal, and Everything Else Entrepreneurs Need to Know by Alejandro Cremades can guide you on your journey. “If you don’t know where

By | May 17th, 2016|Startup Culture|

4 Powerful Benefits of Coworking for Startups

Coworking spaces are much more than a space for you to work. After all, if all you want is space, you can work from home, go to your local coffee shop or park at the nearest public library. Coworking spaces are different. They aren’t just alternatives to high-priced office spaces. Many foster a community of support and other amenities such

By | May 5th, 2016|Startup Culture, Workplaces|

How to Design an Office to Boost Productivity + WellBeing

Workplaces communicate with people. Not to worry. Big Brother isn’t implanting Siri into your office furniture. But the office environment you’ve designed sends a message to the people that work for you.   “Workplaces where employees are engaged communicate to the people who work there — and anyone else in them — that their employer values them and the contribution

By | April 19th, 2016|Workplaces|

10 Ways to Ensure Your Strategic Alliances Are a Success

Strategic alliances can help you grow your company faster. Forming alliances can provide complementary expertise, reduce costs or manage risk. However, ensuring a successful relationship can be tricky. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed. 1. Identify the need Understand where the greatest market potential is. Determine what you need to compete successfully. Is there a gap between what

By | April 5th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Get Backed: 10 Building Blocks for the Perfect Startup Pitch

The startup pitch, also called a pitch deck, has become the most important tool for startups seeking to raise money from angels and venture capitalists online or offline. Forget writing the 25+ page business plan. Investors recognize that you’re going to morph your business model and marketing messages to remain agile. Your time is better spent on perfecting your product or

By | March 22nd, 2016|Startup Culture|

Why Crowdfunding is so Successful for Women Entrepreneurs

For many reasons, any entrepreneur should consider raising money through a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign on sites such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Plum Alley. However, the case is even more compelling for women. Typically, women have a harder time raising capital ‒ whether equity or debt ‒ than their male counterparts. Not so for crowdfunding. Hebrew University found that female entrepreneurs

By | March 10th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Digital Tools Guaranteed to Help You Be More Productive

Time is your most precious resource as a startup or a small business. Managing time efficiently is key to your success. Luckily, an array of digital tools are available to help you do that and be more productive. “Choosing tools is very personal and should complement the way you like to work,” said Juliana Marulanda, founder of Scale Time, which helps

By | February 23rd, 2016|Productivity|

How to use your entrepreneurial connections to grow

It has been said that entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, but the most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t do it alone. They benefit from having a strong community around them. Communities offer entrepreneurs and small business owners affirmation that they can succeed, and provide them know-how, advice and role models. Being around others who think bigger, who think

By | February 2nd, 2016|Productivity, Startup Culture|

Need Quiet? Optimize your Office for Improved Focus

Introverts often get a bad rap, especially in entrepreneurship. Investors, employees and vendors who provide goods and services at a discount to startups are attracted to people who have the gift of gab. Even our work environment has been optimized for extroverts. Open space design, for example, has been heralded for optimizing collaboration and nurturing a strong culture while saving on rent.

By | January 26th, 2016|Productivity, Startup Culture, Workplaces|

How to Get Funding for Your Startup Online

Banks have been reluctant to lend money to startups and small businesses, but that doesn’t mean funding is unavailable. The truth is, even before the financial crisis, banks were holding back. According to  The State of Small Business Lending: Credit Access during the Recovery and How Technology May Change the Game, the economic crisis from which we are emerging only accelerated

By | January 19th, 2016|Startup Culture|

4 Ways to Control Rising Real Estate Costs

Good news! The United States is adding jobs. The bad news is that the competition for office space is driving up the cost of real estate. Rising real estate costs are especially impacting places like the Bay area, New York City, DC, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. “People, followed by real estate, are a company’s most expensive assets,” said George Grace,

By | December 8th, 2015|Startup Culture, Workplaces|

Accelerator, Incubator or Coworking Space: Which is right for my company?

Startups know that connecting, networking and collaborating are key to success. Accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces all facilitate interaction in different ways. So how do you know what is right for you? The answer is, of course, it depends. To start your evaluation process, you need to know how each works and what value they offer. A description of each

By | December 4th, 2015|Startup Culture|

6 Tips for Making Open Offices Work

It seems workers either love open offices or hate them. If you love them, you gush about the increased energy, collaboration, creativity and transparency that comes from impromptu conversations and lack of silos. If you hate them, you complain about decreased productivity, distractions and lack of privacy. The reality is that real estate prices are escalating, and open offices save money.

By | November 25th, 2015|Productivity, Wellbeing, Workplaces|

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