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Geri Stengel is president of Ventureneer, a marketing research company targeting small business. Geri is a regular Forbes contributor, consultant, Kauffman facilitator and the author of Forget the Glass Ceiling: Building Your Business Without One.

8 Tips to Create an Effective Advisory Board

Entrepreneurs don’t need to go it alone. Assemble a top-notch board of advisers, and you’ll create a powerful asset with potential to make a huge difference in your business. Board members can provide advice, inform you of current and future marketpl [...]

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10 Ways to Catch a Venture Capitalist’s Eye

To get investment from venture capitalists, your company has to measure up—and the standards are high. Does your company have what it takes? Here are 10 ways to stand out and catch a venture capitalist's eye: 1. Your target market is $1 billion or mo [...]

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Pivot: How Changing Direction Can Lead to Success

What should you do if your startup is in trouble? Eric Ries, entrepreneur, author and pioneer of the Lean Startup movement, advises a changing direction, a pivot, so that “the failure of the initial idea isn’t the failure of the company.” Many startu [...]

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Collaboration: It’s About Space as Much as Culture

The open office can foster team-building and collaboration, nurture a strong culture and save on rent, but it has its downsides. Noise levels and lack of desk privacy can lower productivity and creativity. So how do you take the best of open-space de [...]

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7 Ways Your Office Space Can Improve Productivity

Today, people are under pressure from the size of their workloads to the amount of information they handle, said Beatriz Arantes, senior research Steelcase, turnstone’s parent company. Add to that, the number, variety and location of people worked wi [...]

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