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Jane Graham types away as turnstone’s brand writer and blog manager. The pen behind a 2010 best-selling book and experienced ghostwriter, Jane’s voice has powered articles featured on Entrepreneur.com, Yahoo! Small Business and elsewhere.

6 Powerful Benefits of Great Office Design

The benefits of well-designed workspaces impact not only existing employees but the talent companies hope to attract, as well. For job seekers navigating a marketplace crowded with options, including the increasing lure of the "gig economy," people want to know they're valued, that their wellbeing is considered and that they can be comfortable and productive at work. Many of these elements are influenced by culture and

By | April 11th, 2017|Workplaces|

5 Easy Ways to Improve your Office Workplace

These days, it's not only media headlines imploring companies to improve their workplaces — facilities managers, designers and company leaders are seeing the connection between work and the workplace and taking steps to tighten that connection. Research supports this move, proving that great spaces and workplace culture are critical for maintaining employee engagement — something with a direct impact on both talent attraction and

By | March 21st, 2017|Workplaces|

How to Design Your Office for All Personality Types

Designing office spaces for a range of personality types doesn't have to be overwhelming. Companies today are seeing the value of intentionally designed spaces and know that creating meaningful and functional offices matters to employees. So how can you make sure that everyone feels at home in the workplace, no matter what their personality? The first answer is to foster a culture of authenticity and

By | March 2nd, 2017|Workplaces|

How to Design your Office for Authenticity + Comfort

People crave authenticity and comfort, and increasingly, they're expecting the workplace to match the warm vibe they experience at home. Fortunately, there are easy ways to achieve this — and more importantly, solid reasons why it matters. The Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace found the most engaged employees worldwide are also the most satisfied with their work environment. So while some view

By | February 28th, 2017|Workplaces|

8 Ways to Make Your Office More Inviting

The winter months remind us that warm, comfortable and inviting spaces matter — and we're not just talking about your living room sparkling with holiday cheer. The workplace needs warm, comfortable places, too. They convey a sense of home and safety, allowing us to tap into our best, most authentic selves. As the lines between work and home continue to

By | December 8th, 2016|Workplaces|

4 Reasons Why Choice + Control Matter in the Workplace

In the world of office design, providing workers with choice and control over where and how they work is critical. Incorporating a variety of settings, styles and postures to choose from is essential to wellbeing and employee engagement. Steelcase recently released "360 Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace," which surveyed over 12,000 people on ideas surrounding engagement, disengagement and

By | November 18th, 2016|Workplaces|

10 Ways Turnstone’s Bivi Desk Supports Startup Culture

Bivi helps activate a sense of startup culture with beautiful, functional design and outstanding performance. Easily assembled with just one tool, Bivi's modular benching solution makes a modern statement with high impact colors and personalized features created to put your passion on display. Here are 10 ways it supports startup culture in the workplace: 1. Standing height options Maintain agility, promote quick meetings

By | October 13th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Office Culture Need Help? 10 Things to Watch for — and Fix

Office culture is a big deal, and getting it right is an even bigger deal. Forbes contributor Josh Bersin suggests that culture is the hottest topic in the business world, and Deloitte's 2017 Human Capital Trends research reports that employee retention is hitting a crisis point, largely dependent on the fickle but all-important intersection of engagement and a diverse, compelling culture. With culture dominating headlines and

By | September 27th, 2016|Workplaces|

Why Free Food Isn’t Really About Food at All

Entrepreneurs looking to foster startup culture know a thing or two about great perks like free food. Hoping their "if you build it, they will come" attitude will draw talented rock stars, they splurge on organic treats and beer on tap. But much like families who eat dinner together at home, founders know that food provides more than nourishment: it's a reason to connect. Here's what (free)

By | August 30th, 2016|Productivity, Wellbeing, Workplaces|

Want Engaged Employees? 9 Things to Measure in the Office

Disengagement in the workplace, and the $415 billion dollars it costs the global economy each year, has become an outright epidemic. According to "360 Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace," 37% of employees worldwide are highly or somewhat disengaged at work, with the majority of the others surveyed falling somewhere on the low- to middle-end of the curve. In fact, of the more

By | August 2nd, 2016|Productivity, Workplaces|

3 Reasons Startup Culture Matters in the Workplace

As companies clamor in innovate, hire the most talented candidates and gain market share, there are many factors to consider that may move the needle on business results. Some experts advocate imposing challenges such as working under finite limitations or asking impossible questions, while others say things as simple as having an innovation "buddy" or holding standup meetings to boost energy can

By | July 19th, 2016|Startup Culture|

5 Shared-Interest Communities Disrupting the Coworking World

Coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators continue to sprout up in record numbers across the U.S., shifting the conversation about where and how work happens. And while entrepreneurs flock in droves, they’re increasingly motivated by much more than gorgeous facilities packed with perks like free coffee and organic snacks. They’re desperate to learn from others in their industry and are looking

By | May 10th, 2016|Startup Culture, Workplaces|

Founder Focus: Venture Capitalist, Brenda Irwin, Part 2

Yesterday we shared part 1 of a fascinating conversation with Brenda Irwin, venture capitalist and cycling enthusiast. Today we'll learn more about her tips for wellbeing, technology and wearable solutions, and the best advice she ignored along the way. I suspect you’re living a life that is authentic to your business brand. What are your go-to health and wellness tips and

By | April 28th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Office Zones: 4 Ways to be More Productive at Work

One thing’s for certain: the way we work is changing, which mean offices are changing along with it. Technology has untethered us, making it easy to open a laptop or swipe a phone from virtually anywhere. Three-piece suits have given way to jeans and flannel, and the mysterious schedules of senior executives have been unveiled by the new norm of working

By | April 7th, 2016|Workplaces|

Founder Focus: Career Reinventor, Joyce Sullivan: Part 2

Earlier this week we shared Joyce Sullivan's story as a career reinventor. After hearing her story, I asked some questions about reinvention and her work with others seeking a new career beginning. Not only did she answer them, she explained in detail how social media propels these efforts and how you can leverage social to move forward, even if you're

By | March 17th, 2016|Productivity, Startup Culture|

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