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Jane Graham types away as turnstone’s brand writer and social media gal. The pen behind a 2010 best-selling book and experienced ghostwriter, Jane’s voice has powered articles featured on Entrepreneur.com, Yahoo! Small Business and elsewhere.

How to Bring Personality and Authenticity to the Office

As we've mentioned in previous posts about recent turnstone research, entrepreneurs everywhere are striving to bring personality and authenticity to the office. They know that celebrating individuality is key to attracting and retaining talent, and r [...]

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How to Activate Startup Culture in Your Workplace

Companies large and small are waking up to the fact that culture matters. Founders, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs, the innovative teams within large organizations, are on a mission to create exciting, authentic environments that communicate a sens [...]

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#ModernMonday: The Future of the Workplace Twitter Chat Recap

Every Monday, Dwell (@Dwell) and Design Milk (@DesignMilk) invite Twitter fans to participate in a #ModernMonday chat discussing current trends in design. This past Monday, July 27, Dwell and Design Milk tackled "the future of the workplace," and our [...]

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Infographic Reveals Challenges of Remote Working

­When it comes to getting work done, all generations want choices. Technology has cut the cord, freeing us from a single, prescribed way of tackling projects and to-do lists, making it easy for remote workers to take work “anywhere.” And for a long t [...]

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Recent Turnstone Survey Confirms It: Office Culture Matters

We've known it long before the media named it or even started talking about it: office culture is critically important. It influences employee wellbeing, affects loyalty, aids (or detracts from) collaboration, and is a make-it-or-break-it element in [...]

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Turnstone’s Small Business Culture Infographic Sheds Light on the Workplace

In a recent turnstone survey of over 500 small business owners to be formally released next week, office culture emerged as a key factor when determining employee satisfaction. With questions designed to drill down to the roots of employee needs and [...]

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