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Jane Graham types away as turnstone’s brand writer and social media gal. The pen behind a 2010 best-selling book and experienced ghostwriter, Jane’s voice has powered articles featured on Entrepreneur.com, Yahoo! Small Business and elsewhere.

7 Retail Trends You Can’t Ignore

If ever there was a time to examine your company’s ecommerce strategy, 2014 is that time. Web trends continue to underscore the importance of a robust platform for businesses that wish to remain relevant in our evolving marketplace. Conversely, those [...]

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“There’s not a right way or a wrong way – there’s only the way that you choose to build your company.” - Bo Fishback He should know. The idea that first came to him as a 16 year old has turned shopping upside-down with the promise of connecting cust [...]

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Color Coding for Productivity

It is no secret that color plays an important role in the workplace. Choosing the right color for your office can influence productivity among employees. The same can be said for using colors to get organized, especially with task lists, paperwork, a [...]

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As a hybrid of manufacturing, creativity and administrative services, Fracture (frame + picture) faced unique challenges. Their large, open space was a collection of “dumpster-doven” office chairs and lawn furniture, desks built on cinder blocks, an [...]

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How to: Make Engineer Prints for the Office

At turnstone, we believe that strong office culture has its roots in letting people come to work and be themselves -- transparent and unbrushed. Encouraging that level of authenticity in the office begins when the integration of personal items in the [...]

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7 Well Designed Speakers for Your Office

This week we are celebrating music in the workplace. If you are like me, good music helps you focus and get the creative juices flowing. As I write this, I am plugged into my Spotify playlist that I use for inspiration while I work. I have over-the-e [...]

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