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Furniture Buying: When to Splurge and When to Skimp

With more options than ever before, furniture shopping has never been so difficult—simply because there’s too much to choose from. Another issue is the challenge of appropriately divvying up your budget to get everything you need. This task becomes e [...]

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Easy Cleaning Routines Keep your Office Looking Good

At then end of a workday, there’s already a lot on your mind: the events of the past few hours, what you’re doing when you get home, what to have for dinner, etc. The last thing most people think about is the (technically non-mandatory) task of clean [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Stand at Your Next Meeting

In case you've been working in a mine for the last few years and haven't heard this yourself, research is showing that being too sedentary during the work day can be harmful to your health. (Though if you have been working in a mine, you've probably [...]

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How to Position your Desk for Maximum Productivity

Selecting the right desk for your office is difficult enough—but have you thought about which way you to place it? Each direction, whether toward the door, the window or the wall has its own pros and cons. Though some say otherwise, there’s no univer [...]

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How to Add Lounge Furniture to Your Office

As the editor of Office Snapshots since 2007, and blogger for turnstone since 2011, one of the fun aspects of my work has been seeing the proliferation of turnstone's products, most often their Bivi and Campfire lines, in many office design projects [...]

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Eliminating the Guesswork: a Guide to Office Furniture Shopping

In an ideal world, furniture shopping would allow us the ability to take our office with us when we shopped. Since that’s not the case, we often end up with a desk that takes up ¾ of the space and doesn’t even leave room for a chair. Obviously, there [...]

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Decorative or Distracting: Where to Draw the Line

An inspiring physical environment is definitely important when it comes to working. I know if I had to be confined to nothing but plain walls, I’d feel too trapped to get anything done. Instead, my office is decorated with mood boards, collages, art, [...]

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Hunting for the right Coworking Space? 3 Tips to Help You Choose.

Tired of working from home? Does your job require a lot of "working out of coffee shops?" If so, it's time to pick a coworking space. Luckily, with more of them popping up every day, it's easy to find one that will work for you. At first glance, tryi [...]

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Q & A with David Bromstad: His Life at Work

I recently had the amazing opportunity to interact with HGTV star and celebrity designer, David Bromstad. Best known for his work on DesignStar and Color Splash, David is also an accomplished artist with his own line of prints and design accessories. [...]

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Be a Leader, Not a Follower, to Build Your Business

When you’re a thought-leader, journalists, analysts and conference producers come knocking on your door to put you in the spotlight. Your voice and time becomes coveted as people clamor to meet with you and gain industry insights. And as a thought le [...]

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Noise problem in your Conference Room? Here’s how to fix it.

In your conference room, where confidential or important business deals take place, you need to ensure that your conversation isn’t heard throughout the rest of the office.  If the walls in the conference room are thin, you may not easily be able to [...]

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