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Kitchen Wars: How to Professionally and Respectfully Share the Office Kitchen

While I was searching for the first location of WORK., one of the priorities was an area for an office kitchen. I have been to many co-working spaces that didn’t even have a refrigerator, so co-workers weren’t able to easily bring their lunches to wo [...]

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Can’t Stop Snacking at Work? Tips on beating the habit.

The office kitchen, stocked full of snacks and sodas, is a temptation to every busy professional. I don’t know about you, but I love munching on trail mix or chocolate covered berries while I’m at the office. It’s like my brain fuel and helps to calm [...]

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Supporting Mobile and Remote Workers Through Office Design

Technology has been changing the way humanity gets work done ever since the dawn of time. New tools have made workers more efficient and more productive, helping them create greater value at an ever-increasing rate. These new tools also impact change [...]

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The Great Divide: How to Split Up an Open Office

It seems like open office plans are everywhere you look these days. They seem great at first glance, but have you thought about: Which spaces are designed for which tasks? How to keep desks separate from the kitchen? What about the lounge area? What [...]

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5 Conference Rooms Designed to Work for You

You may not even realize it, but your conference room is one of the most important places in your office. Sure, the lobby and foyer make an impact on potential business partners, but the conference room is where the magic happens. It’s where deals ar [...]

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Finding Balance: When You Need to Work While on Vacation

Ahhh... summer is here. And with summer comes a slower, more relaxing schedule—or not! If you're a small business owner with only a few employees or the owner and ONLY employee, you know that it's basically impossible to ever completely take time off [...]

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