Bivi and the B-Boys


bivi by turnstone was inspired by the spirit of small business. It was designed to be extremely flexible in size and application. Using a simple kit of parts and one tool, bivi can go from a single deck to a bench, to a conference table, to a casual meeting space and more. It is important that bivi is able to be put together quickly by anyone, regardless of mechanical aptitude, and that they be able to be reconfigure their space just as fast. bivi aims to be nimble and adaptive allowing it to expand and change with your space and business needs, and do it in style.

When we were thinking of how we might tell the story of how nimble and flexible Bivi is and how it allows you to make better use of your space, we were reminded of some people that are nimble, and flexible, and use space differently, b-boys. We wanted to tell the story of how quick and easy is to reconfigure a bivi space from a casual to conference setting in minutes, and show that it's possible to have fun while doing it, and 61syx Teknique were the dancers that helped us bring the story to life.


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