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More Than An Online Retailer: Why David Wolfe Is Building A Company With Soul

David Wolfe is a dreamer who is bringing to life his dream of a profitable, socially responsible company. A 50+ year-old serial entrepreneur who has built successful companies before, David was only interested in building a company with “a soul” when he launched Leesa, the online mattress retailer, a year-ago. I met with David and his daughter Sophie Wolfe, Leesa’s Head of Social

By | June 23rd, 2016|Startup Culture|

Why Resilience is the Key for Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is never smooth sailing. Sometimes, you have the wind at your back. Other times, the seas are choppy and you have to batten down the hatches. It turns out that it’s not how you handle things when conditions are perfect but how you handle them when the winds are blowing at gale force — or when there isn’t a

By | June 21st, 2016|Startup Culture|

12 of The Biggest Misconceptions About Being An Entrepreneur

From salaries to ping-pong tables to sky-high valuations, there is a long list of misconceptions about startups and entrepreneurship. It’s not surprising really, since entrepreneurs grace the covers of magazines like rock stars, and Google employs an executive chef to fuel innovation with free food. But are these fantasy perks and culinary benefits, just virtual workplace reality? Consider this. During the

By | June 7th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Founder Focus: Learning Innovator, Angela DeVincenzo

I met Angela DeVincenzo on one of those gloriously hot July summer weekends when you’re relieved to be near the ocean and not in midtown Manhattan. Angela and her husband Jeff had decamped to Bridgehampton, the Hayground School grounds, to beta-test their progressive education initiative Blocks, Trucks + Art – all housed in Big Mama, a converted classic

By | May 31st, 2016|Startup Culture|

Book Provides Roadmap for Starting a Business

Are you starting a business for the first time? Are you unsure of the terrain and which path will be the right one for you? No need to fret — The Art of Startup Fundraising: Pitching Investors, Negotiating the Deal, and Everything Else Entrepreneurs Need to Know by Alejandro Cremades can guide you on your journey. “If you don’t know where

By | May 17th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Founder Focus: Mobile Workforce Entrepreneur, Lise Snelgrove

I met Lise Snelgove, co-founder of This Space Works, when she was a finalist in the TiECon Canada startup pitch competition. As the only startup finalist making revenue and scaling on revenue growth (and getting repeat business from very satisfied clients), Lise was the only founder I wanted to talk to after the competition. This Space Works addresses the way

By | May 12th, 2016|Startup Culture|

5 Shared-Interest Communities Disrupting the Coworking World

Coworking spaces, incubators and accelerators continue to sprout up in record numbers across the U.S., shifting the conversation about where and how work happens. And while entrepreneurs flock in droves, they’re increasingly motivated by much more than gorgeous facilities packed with perks like free coffee and organic snacks. They’re desperate to learn from others in their industry and are looking

By | May 10th, 2016|Startup Culture, Workplaces|

4 Powerful Benefits of Coworking for Startups

Coworking spaces are much more than a space for you to work. After all, if all you want is space, you can work from home, go to your local coffee shop or park at the nearest public library. Coworking spaces are different. They aren’t just alternatives to high-priced office spaces. Many foster a community of support and other amenities such

By | May 5th, 2016|Startup Culture, Workplaces|

Founder Focus: Venture Capitalist, Brenda Irwin, Part 2

Yesterday we shared part 1 of a fascinating conversation with Brenda Irwin, venture capitalist and cycling enthusiast. Today we'll learn more about her tips for wellbeing, technology and wearable solutions, and the best advice she ignored along the way. I suspect you’re living a life that is authentic to your business brand. What are your go-to health and wellness tips and

By | April 28th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Founder Focus: Venture Capitalist, Brenda Irwin, Part 1

Brenda Irwin and I were introduced by the big-hearted, visionary entrepreneur and legendary Canadian investor Jim Estill. Little did Jim know he was connecting kindred souls and creating a lasting, cross-continent friendship. Based on the West Coast of Canada, Brenda has had an intriguing career journey from teacher to venture capitalist to teaming-up with an Olympian to invest in healthy living

By | April 26th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Founder Focus: Intrapreneur, Asha Curran

“You need to meet Asha…You must meet Asha!” If my memory holds true, these words were my first introduction to the intrapreneurial powerhouse Asha Curran, director of the Center for Innovation & Social Impact at the 92Y in New York City. She spearheads the storied institution’s efforts to broaden the depth and reach of its programming, particularly by leveraging the

By | April 12th, 2016|Startup Culture|

10 Ways to Ensure Your Strategic Alliances Are a Success

Strategic alliances can help you grow your company faster. Forming alliances can provide complementary expertise, reduce costs or manage risk. However, ensuring a successful relationship can be tricky. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed. 1. Identify the need Understand where the greatest market potential is. Determine what you need to compete successfully. Is there a gap between what

By | April 5th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Founder Focus: Startup Comedian, Matt Ruby

It was a mid-week evening in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, a boisterous crowd assembled in the basement of the Meatball Shop for a networking dinner, and who did I get seated next to? The comic startup founder, Matt Ruby. I’m a cheap laugh and Matt is darn funny. And the fact that he pokes fun at startups, the perks

By | March 29th, 2016|Startup Culture|

Get Backed: 10 Building Blocks for the Perfect Startup Pitch

The startup pitch, also called a pitch deck, has become the most important tool for startups seeking to raise money from angels and venture capitalists online or offline. Forget writing the 25+ page business plan. Investors recognize that you’re going to morph your business model and marketing messages to remain agile. Your time is better spent on perfecting your product or

By | March 22nd, 2016|Startup Culture|

Founder Focus: Career Reinventor, Joyce Sullivan: Part 2

Earlier this week we shared Joyce Sullivan's story as a career reinventor. After hearing her story, I asked some questions about reinvention and her work with others seeking a new career beginning. Not only did she answer them, she explained in detail how social media propels these efforts and how you can leverage social to move forward, even if you're

By | March 17th, 2016|Productivity, Startup Culture|

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