Kitchen Wars: How to Professionally and Respectfully Share the Office Kitchen

While I was searching for the first location of WORK., one of the priorities was an area for an office kitchen. I have been to many co-working spaces that didn’t even have a refrigerator, so co-workers weren’t able to easily bring their lunches to wo [...]

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Recent Turnstone Survey Confirms It: Office Culture Matters

We've known it long before the media named it or even started talking about it: office culture is critically important. It influences employee wellbeing, affects loyalty, aids (or detracts from) collaboration, and is a make-it-or-break-it element in [...]

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Turnstone’s Small Business Culture Infographic Sheds Light on the Workplace

In a recent turnstone survey of over 500 small business owners to be formally released next week, office culture emerged as a key factor when determining employee satisfaction. With questions designed to drill down to the roots of employee needs and [...]

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3 Tips to Grow Your Business… and Enjoy It

When I first started my business back in 2006, I honestly had NO idea what I was doing. I knew I liked the idea of setting my own schedule, being my own boss, and making money... but I wasn't sure I was actually able to do any of those things success [...]

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Work Hard and Be Nice to People: Why Every Connection Matters

At my first "real job" I was lucky enough to work directly for the VP who ran the entire firm. Along with the many things I learned from her was that you should treat everyone in business, equally. I started at the front desk and every time she was i [...]

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