Do You Make Mid-Year Goals?


There is always lots of talk about "setting goals" at the beginning of the calendar year and even at the beginning of the fiscal year -- but have you ever thought about setting a few new goals in the middle of the year?

Goals are a great way to boost productivity, hone in, focus, and create more excitement -- which are just a few of the many reasons I LOVE setting goals!

I'm in a pretty good habit of continually setting personal goals for myself, but sometimes I forget to give myself new business goals to work towards all year long.

Here are a few steps I follow to make sure I stay on track with my goals.

1. Look Back.

What goals did you make at the beginning of the year? Have you followed through with those goals or not?

2. Evaluate.

There's a good chance your goals might have changed over the past few months -- and if that's the case, you need to evaluate if it's even worth pursuing some of the goals you made at the beginning of the year.

If it is, great -- keep pushing towards those goals. If it's not, stop -- don't waste any more time or energy working towards goals that no longer fit.

3. Look Ahead.

What things would you like to accomplish in the next 3-6 months? What new ideas do you have? What will you need to do to implement those plans and make your ideas happen?

4. Take Action.

Create a realistic plan of action for how you will start working towards you new goals -- or alter your old goals. Then get to work!

Do something each day, each week, and each month that will actively push you closer and closer to reaching your goals.

5. Repeat!

Just like everything else in life, setting and reaching goals requires constant maintenance in order to produce lasting results.

I like to evaluate my progress on a monthly basis. Not only does this keep me accountable, also gives me the opportunity to make changes or tweak my "plan of action" before I get too far down the wrong path and waste a bunch of time and effort.

If you've noticed that your business is in a bit of a slump lately -- or even if you've been feeling a little less enthusiastic, take a few moments to think about your old goals and then make a few new ones.

Set aside one afternoon every month (or every quarter) to disconnect, unplug, recharge, and reevaluate your goals and set a few new ones too. Physically mark off that time on your calendar so you don't schedule anything else, or forget. Don't rush through the process, and consider asking other creative minds to sit in on your goal-making process.

Setting and evaluating your business goals could be the one thing that propels you 

When was the last time you set new goals?

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