Does Your Office Design Invite Creativity?


The modern office is one that invites creativity, collaboration and outter-cubicle interactions. Therefore, it’s important that your office design reflects these ideals. Unfortunately, too many businesses are slow to the punch and invest in office furniture and design that does the exact opposite. Not only is a stiff office space uninviting, but it inevitably stifles creativity.

Unfortunately, you may already be operating your business in an office as the one described above. So, whether you’re just starting a business or will need to make changes to your current space, consider these 5 aspects of a creativity inviting office space. 

Open space

An open concept is popular among many famous startup companies such as Google, and for good reason. suggests, “It turns out that literally seeing what’s going on around you where you work can really help stoke the creative and collaborative process.” When coworkers are easy to reach, a simple question could be the difference between a successful project and a sub-par one. To make this work for your office, consider installing glass walls for your conference rooms and saying no to cubicles.


The right colors make all the difference in an office. While stark white is easy, it may not be your best option; if you’re looking to design a creative environment, you have to be creative as well.

A study from the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletinfound that the color green is one of these creative enhancers. According to the Huffington Postof the 69 men and women in this study, half were showed a white triangle, the other a green one and were then asked to come up with as many uses for a tin can as possible. Those shown green were found to have more creative ideas.

Though you may not want to jump to green walls right away, consider a color such as light blue - which lends itself to focus. You can also use green office furniture and design elements.    


No one wants to work 8 hours a day in a dark, drabby, dimly lit office. In a study done by RPI, it was found that employees stayed on task 15% more in windowed offices as opposed to those working in windowless buildings.

So, whether you have an abundance of windows or not, it’s important that the office is well lit and employees are exposed to as much light as possible. Consider adding windows to your office, as natural sunlight enhances energy and creativity. If not, be sure that natural lighting is used, and avoid the cheap fluorescent options.


In your personal life, too much clutter in your home means clutter in your mind. The same goes for an office. A cluttered space not only leads to less productivity but can be a creative hindrance as well; a clean and organized space allows employees to focus on their task at hand. Consider making a No Messy Desk Policy mandatory in your office.


Finally, creativity needs the right equipment and tools to flourish. Consider how your main conference rooms are set up – are there white boards, projectors, conference dialers? These are tools your employees will need to collaborate, brainstorm or work with outside partners. You don’t want to hinder their collaborative efforts, but encourage them.

Designing a workspace that encourages creativity is not only better for your employees but your business as well; from creativity springs productivity and collaboration which are beneficial to everyone involved. So, when opening a new business or redesigning your current office, keep these key features in mind to be sure your employees have everything they need to be creative and successful.

Bio: Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer. As the marketing copyeditor of Resource Nation, she touches on a range of topics such as commercial real estate and business phone systems.


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