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At Dyn Inc in New Hampshire, strong office culture is important for the company to survive and thrive. Through design elements, office areas, and new hires, there are many opportunities to strengthen the community of the 400+ employees working out of the New England location. They have locations in the UK and San Francisco, as well as remote workers.

They are a “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” (IaaS) company, as well as DNS and email delivery for large and small companies, and personal users. They have many different departments such as marketing, sales, client services, two DNS teams, and more.

When they consider a new hire, they want to know  that the new person will fit into the Dyn culture. It is important that the job gets done, but there has to be passion behind it.

During the hiring process, they utilize a cross-collaborating recruiting tool. The potential new hire meets with different groups that they would eventually work with. For example, someone interviewing for a sales position would meet with the marketing team.

If you do make it as part of the Dyn company, you look forward to lots of fun. Take a break in the Dyn Lounge to play on the Wii, or play a round on the ping pong table. Or grab a snack in the kitchen. Other fun areas in the office include a rock-climbing wall, Skeeball, and an arcade.

It is important at the office that employees are happy, confident, and relaxed. They don't take themselves too seriously, and when they host networking events, it blurs the line between business and "hanging out". They even hand out shirts that feature their latest marketing campaigns, such as DNS Is Sexy or Get Some IaaS.

The unique workplace boasts many different departments. They have private rooms, a boardroom, and desks are at angles to promote collaboration. In sales, there is a gong that is used to celebrate a successful sale.

In a world where new mothers are still struggling for respect and perks in the workplace, Dyn showed kindness and put a nursing mom room in the office. Right through this room is a private scotch room (the two rooms are not related).

The CEO’s office is now a library with books on leadership, management, business, and more.

Even with all of these fantastic areas, there is room for a stage area. Dyn hosts parties called “DynTini’s”, with live music from the Chief Revenue Officer Kyle York’s side project, 1Band1Brand. These events help bring community together.

It is no surprise they were recently named one of the Most Democratic Workplaces in the World. From the Dyn "About Us" page, "We love what we do. That’s why, in an industry that has a reputation of being stuffy, we like to inject a little fun".


How important is culture at the office? How do you reinforce it? Please tell us in the comments!


Paul Donehue October 8, 2012

Nice post! I believe culture at the office is hugely important, and,  among other things, can serve as a key differentiator.  Communicating it consistently and strategically is also key.

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