Embracing Summer as a Small Business Owner


Working inside all day long can be draining -- especially if it's a beautiful sunny, summer day outside.

And speaking as a small business owner, I know how difficult it can be to take vacation/personal days (or even just a long lunch) if you're the boss AND the only employee!

Even if you do have a handful of employees, summer is often the time whey THEY want to take off too -- which means you're left in the office to cover for them. So if you're stuck working overtime, here are a few simple ways you can embrace and enjoy your summer.

  • Bring fresh flowers, a plant, a summer-smelling air freshener, or even photos of summer activities into your office. These simple things will help to energize an otherwise dull workspace.
  • Eat lunch outside and/or plan business meetings at a café that provides outdoor seating
  • Start working earlier in the morning so you can free up more of your afternoon for outdoor activities
  • If you have employees, plan a fun BBQ or picnic and invite their families.
  • Implement "casual Fridays" -- or even go casual all summer long
  • Look for ways to work virtually or at a remote location -- like the cottage!
  • Encourage a summer exercise program for your employees and offer incentives for healthy habits like walking or riding a bike to work, drinking enough water, etc.
  • Plan family activities or outings with friends in the evenings, on the weekends, or whenever business is slowest

Also, it's important to regularly take some time off time off to avoid burnout. But since it might not always be feasible to take a full week off at a time, try taking every Friday off for a month, or take several 1/2 days off throughout the summer.

The slower pace and additional free time might be just what you need to feel rested and refreshed.

How do you embrace these summer months?

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