File Cabinet Makeovers


There are certain things in an office that I wish we didn’t need and that I find hard to find stylish alternatives for. One of the biggest “problem” items is a file cabinet. If you’ve ever shopped for one then you know they usually look like this:

Not everyone cares about what their file cabinets look like but as more people are coming to care about their workspace, they start to notice the eyesore that is a bulky file cabinet. So what are your options?

  • Go paperless (not feasible for most people)
  • Hire a carpenter and turn a an armoire, dresser or other piece of furniture, into a file cabinet


Give your file cabinet a makeover

Here are just a few of my favorite file cabinet re-dos that I’ve come across 

Blueprint File Cabinet

This was one of my favorite that I found, it literally looks like a blueprint of a file cabinet. This DIY turned a boring, ugly file cabinet very easily into the one you see now.

Wallpaper Chic File Cabinet

If I were to pick a favorite out of all of the re-dos, it would be this one. You don’t even notice it’s a cabinet but a chic addition to any workspace. Done with wallpaper and some glue, something anyone can do.

Contact Paper Charm Cabinet

This cabinet was done over in an affordable contact paper design, I’d say this one would be the easiest out of all of the file cabinet re-dos. Something anyone can do!

Chalkboard File Cabinet

Another great use for chalkboard paint, this cabinet transformed a very utilitarian file cabinet into a bright and useful cabinet + chalkboard combo.

Did you ever think about this piece in your workspace? Did it ever bother you or does it bother you now that you know you can spruce it up? Let us know in the comments below!


Stephanie Socie March 14, 2012

I made a slipcover for my ugly black 2-drawer filing cabinet, using inexpensive but sturdy canvas. The sides and back are sewn together, but the front is hemmed along the sides, so you can roll it up to access the drawers. I added polka-dot grosgrain ribbons for tying the front panel up and out of the way, like a window shade.

Sayeh, The Office Stylist May 4, 2012

That sounds so cute Stephanie! Happy to hear other people update their less than appealing file cabinets.

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist

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