Finding Your Productivity “Hot Spot”


The trends seem to offer us a pattern of "Morning = Productivity" but is that really true for you? How do you find your productivity hot spot and then use that time to engage your mind as often as possible?

Start the morning with a pad of paper and take notes as you move through your day. When you're too busy to jot something down or notice your timeline of the day has a large chunk missing - that could be your first clue as to WHEN your being the most productive.

As you're keeping notes make sure you're recalling where you are and the approximate amount of time you're heads down, or out of the office. A coffee run could be 15 minutes or 45 - and depending on where you went, the drive alone could be some of your most productive thinking time of the day.

It's true that you might not always have the option to be mobile while working, but if you're more productive 3 days out of the week while grabbing some coffee across town, or heading home early from the office - these might be things to clue your manager or employer in to.

I need structure in my day (routine) in order to feel productive at all, so moving around and being completely mobile isn't an option for me when I have projects going on or contracts to fulfill. I need my desk at home, or a table at the coffee shop. I've tried different routines and I end up wasting more time "finding my groove" than I do actually putting out the work I need to. (So, stick with what works best for you.)

For me, productivity is more of an overall accomplishment in a day. I have my list and when those things are done, I feel I've been productive. But what about all the little things in our day (emails, phone calls, quick meetings, memos etc) that pile up and take us away from our tasks? I can get to the end of my day and have only crossed 2 of my 8 items off my list and feel terrible, but I probably overlooked that fact that I had 47 emails lined up and waiting or over one thousand photos that needed processing. 

These smaller, some times "forgotten" tasks in our day take up our time, but don't necessarily lessen our productivity. If we're aware of when and where we're the most productive and use that time to BE productive, we're always going to be ahead. Now setting priorities is, of course, another talent we need as well. 

How do you find, and then use, your productivity hot spot? If you work in an office environment - how have you been able to translate your productivity hot spot to the company culture?


Rohait October 9, 2012

Thanks for sharing. I know this post was long time ago but i rellay find the link helpful. I’m downloading it right now and i can’t wait to read the magazine.

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