Five Back-to-School Products for the Office


It's September and that can only mean one thing: school has returned. And one of the things that I admire about educational environments are their ability to inspire learning, creativity, and collaboration. Can we steal some of that school energy for the office? Absolutely - and we should

Here are five furniture categories that can help get your office ready to go back to school.


One of the best products I've seen that brings the essence of the classroom experience into the office is the Steelcase Node. The Node is a moveable chair with attached desk and storage that can liven up the corporate boardroom. Rather than stuffy meetings, these colorful chairs can quickly be moved and interchanged to allow for collaborative sessions.


Offices can never have enough writing surfaces - and the whiteboard wall offers the familiar school environment that everyone can jump right into. One great product that can transform your boring office walls into writeable surfaces in IdeaPaint. By creating writeable surfaces everywhere, employees can literally brainstorm anywhere.

Other more standard options include the wheeled Groupwork whiteboard solutions from Turnstone. These offer mobile whiteboard presences that can be easily moved ad transported throughout the workspace.


Nothing says school like lockers, but for some reason lockers seem to make sense in the office. I've written about their use elsewhere, but think that these nifty storage spaces will become much more standard in the coming years. However, because of their relative newness to corporate workspaces, there aren't very many ready-to-go solutions yet. A google search for lockers in your area will probably provide the best resource.


We can all remember getting dirty looks from the librarian at school for being too noisy. But these days, companies are increasingly adding libraries to their offices that are filled with every resource needed to complete the job. One good solution for stylish but useful bookshelves are the Depot Shelves by Turnstone.

Bike Racks

Bicycling to school is a part of millions of children across the world, and as an economical mode of transportation it makes perfect sense. With more and more employees choosing to bike to work, having adequate bicycle storage is a must. Turnstone's Bivi Bike Hook is a great product that can be mounted to the wall, creating storage out of nowhere.

What back to school products do you use in your office?


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