Five Tips to “Green” up your Office on the Cheap


It seems there's always one more thing to do to be on the forefront of innovation and design. To stay ahead you have to think ahead but what about looking more closely at the space right around you? What can you do, right now, to "green" up your office on the cheap?

I've gathered some tips and easy ideas that can make your office environment friendly to the rest of the environment. 

Institute a mug policy. No more foam or disposable cups in the office. Are your coworkers custom to making a pit stop at their favorite coffee shop on the way to work? Offer an incentive or start a program to reimburse the purchase of a reusable travel mug so they're not bringing waste to the office every day. You can take it one step further and use mason jars with Cuppow lids. You're the office with the cool mugs, 10 points.


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Make a quick change of the lightbulb's around the office. CFL's cost more up front but last years longer than their counterparts saving money and using less energy in use. You could also use central power strips that you turn off nightly, instead of keeping everything plugged in 24/7 and powered up - even in sleep mode it's using energy. 

Three energy saving light bulbs

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I've talked before about using plants to (literally) green up your office. Adding a few plants around the office improves the air quality, boosts moods, and if you choose an herb or two - can offer free antioxidants to your coworkers when they infuse their water with, say, Mint or Basil. Speaking of water ...

Drink more water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Health benefits for free at work! Along with the new office policy surrounding foam cups and offering mugs for coffee, etc, don't forget to implement a water bottle policy. Ok, not an official policy but keep the water available. A hydrated brain is more creative and focused than a dehydrated brain. It's odd that this is one very easy way to keep your office "green" but when you offer a water cooler with reusable glasses you're eliminating the need for extra trash in the office. 

Think before you print. An easy reminder to the office at large - a simple sign near the printer that reminds folks to think before they print. Did they really need to print out the email chain as part of a proposal? Could they have condensed it to a one page word document to save paper? With most of our work being done digitally these days, do we need to print anything? I'm sure there are still plenty of office policies that still require a paper trail but it's also possible that there are new, less wasteful solutions. 



These are just five simple steps to "greening" up your office on the cheap. It doesn't cost much to make a huge impact on the environment around you, oftentimes there's no cost involved just a redirecting of how we think of our resources. What does your office implement to keep waste down and how easy was it to get others on board?


wendy February 18, 2013

I love these tips. I also came across this article with a few more ideas of how to green your office.

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