For Green’s Sake: Location Matters


These days, it seems like there are hundreds of ways to be more 'green' in the office - like switching to LED lightbulbs or using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. But sometimes, these changes can be expensive and often don't actually seem like they do much.

So today I wanted to take a look at a different, longer-lasting, and more permanent factor in being more green: Location.

A good thought experiment is to imagine what the worst possible location for an office would be in terms of being environmentally friendly. The features that I think of are:

  • Long commute for employees
  • No public transportation
  • Poor Walkability
  • Brand new buildings that replace nature
  • Buildings that are inefficient and environmentally unconscious

Now that we have a list of negative traits, we can flip them into positive traits businesses should look for when it comes to locating in an environmentally conscious manner.

Locate near Public Transportation

and help limit the number of cars on the road - creating cleaner air and safer commutes.

Locate near Your Employees

and help limit the length of time employees spend guzzling gas and pulling their hair out commuting.

Locate in Older, Renovated Buildings

and help efficiently use space that already exists - rather than tearing up more natural landscapes.

Locate in Green Buildings

and help show that people care about efficient buildings - and the environment.

Locate near Amenities and Services

and help stop your employees from needing to drive to get lunch, pick up printing, or meet for coffee

How have you used "green" principles to do good in your office?


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