Four Ways to Create Collaborative Spaces


Collaboration spaces are special areas where you can get team projects done away from your desk. Access to technology, sharing ideas, and the ability to innovate with others is vital for a great conference area.

Traditional conference rooms are going by the wayside because they aren't encouraging creativity. Sharing information is difficult when you don't have the latest tools. Eliminate those hurdles with flexible team meeting areas.

Meeting areas with special screen sharing capabilities that allow for quick flexibility are unique areas that encourage inspiration and the growing of ideas. These types of spaces can range from ad-hoc to dedicated rooms. Whichever you choose depending on the type of work being done and the size of the company, make sure you understand the needs and wants of the team so you can create your perfect meeting area.

These areas for information sharing and collaborative efforts not only benefit those physically present, but also those that are working remotely around the globe.

1. Ad-Hoc

You don't need an extravagant set-up in order to produce killer ideas and content. If your office is less than spacious or you don't have the room for a constant team meeting area (or if you don't always need one), you can easily put together something fast on the fly. Something as simple as a folding table can satisfy your need for a team meeting area.

2. Brainstorming Tools

These areas are designed to promote new ideas, and tighten up current ones. This could include a whiteboard or a board to hang up notes and images. Even if it is just one part of a wall in the office, it helps your collaborative efforts to be able to see everyones work put together. This organic process takes you away from computer screens to see the big picture.

3. Bivi tables and accessories

Change desks into a conference table in time for that big meeting. Bivi adjusts to suit the work being done. In the bivi line, there are a ton of add-ons and accessories to transform your area into the perfect collaboration space. Add a Table Top to create an instant conference table, put up a Hoodie for extra privacy with a Rumble Seat, use the integrated power to plug in and power up technology....the list goes on. There are conference options available for smaller groups as well as larger groups.

4. Media:scape

With HD conferencing, and quick and easy screen sharing, all you have to do is "walk-up and connect" with media:scape. Stop wasting time trying to organize all of the notes from each team member. All you have to do is plug in your computer, and you can instantly share your screen. Media:scape mini is perfect for smaller meeting spaces, and media:scape mobile is easy to move to wherever the meeting is happening (particularly helpful for education purposes).

How do you effectively exchange information with your team during important meetings and discussions? Any tips you can share? Tell us in the comments!


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