How to Create a Productive Work-From-Home Routine


Working from home has many perks -- however if you're not naturally structured and organized, working from home can be a productivity disaster that results in a messy house, unfinished work, a grumpy family, and lots of stress.

The flexibility of working from home is a huge asset... but it can lead to disorganized, unfocused working efforts that leave us feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and exhausted.

If you've felt this way before, here are 5 tips to create a productive work-from-home routine.

1. Set specific working hours.

Set working hours that work for you, your family, your life, and your job. And no, they don't have to be the same hours ever day (or even every week). They also don't have to be 8 straight hours ever day.

I do most of my focus-work during "nap time" and then after the kids are in bed.

2. Work during your most productive hours.

If at all possible, set your working-from-home hours to be when you are most productive. If you're a morning person, get up before everyone else and do a little work. If you're a night owl, save your work for after the kids go to bed.

Working during your peak hours will help you get more accomplished in less time -- win, win!

3. Act like you're going to the office.

Even though you're working from a home office and no one will see you, it's still important to act like you're going to the office.

Take 20 minutes to get dressed (casual is fine), get ready, eat breakfast, etc. This will make you feel more presentable and (believe it or not) be more productive!

4. Set personal and business goals each day.

If you work from home, it can be difficult to separate your personal/home life from your business life.

To solve this problem, I've gotten into the habit of creating personal goals (to-do's) and business goals (to-do's) every day... and I work really hard to keep the two lists separate. When I'm working, I focus on my work goals, and when I'm not working, I focus on my personal goals.

5. Schedule time to relax.

The major downside to working from home is that you are essentially ALWAYS  at work. You're always in your office and let's face it, there's always more work that can be done!

Make sure you schedule time to relax every day, every week, every month, and every year. This down-time is crucial to your productivity (and your well-being.)

Working from home has lots of advantages, the key is to figure out how to make working from home work for YOU!

What are your tips for successfully working from home?

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Johnny October 15, 2012

Thanks for sharing your tips! If I may add, these are the things I usually do every day in my work-from-home career. First on my list is exercise, I can’t start my day if my body is not well-prepared, I need to energize and keep myself fit all the time. Then I take an early breakfast with my family and start working in front of the computer. To keep me focused on the things I have in my to-do list, I installed a time tracker so when it’s to time for me to take a break or get back to work I can simply put myself online or end the whole task. It also does some sort of analytics on how your day has gone by which I really liked most.

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