How to Make a Personalized Message Board for Your Workspace


If you think about the amount of time you spend in your workspace, your office, and/or at your desk, doesn't it just seem logical that you should make it a warm, inviting, and comfortable place to be all day long? However, I often see desks and workspaces that are pretty much the opposite of everything I mentioned above.

One of the simplest ways to make your office a little more personal (and a lot more inviting) is by displaying pictures, cards, notes, and other memorabilia in such a way that it doesn't make your office feel cluttered or take away from your desktop work space.

I love using a variety of message boards throughout my home and office to add a personal touch without over-doing it or bringing in too much clutter. And with just a few simple supplies and about 1 hour of time, you can create your own custom message board to personalize your office space.



  • A large picture frame -- any size will do, but ideally, it should be at least 8" x 10"
  • Paint and paint brush (if you want to paint the frame a different color)
  • Chicken wire, cork, ribbons, or aluminum sheets (available at most hardware stores)
  • Staple gun and/or hot glue gun

 Step 1:

Remove the glass from your frame and paint whatever color you like. You can also do multiple colors or even create a distressed look by sanding off the edges.

Let the frame dry completely.


Step 2:

Decide what type of message board you want to create. Do you want to use chicken wire, cork, ribbons, or aluminum?

For chicken wire and ribbons:

Cut the wire / ribbons to the appropriate size and use a staple gun to attach it to the back side of the frame.


For cork:

Cut the cork to the right size and use the hot glue gun to glue it on top of the glass that came with the frame. Lay it flat and put heavy books or other objects on top while it dries. Once it's dry, place the cork and glass inside the frame.


Of course, you could also just attach plan cork squares to your wall for an even simpler message board!


For aluminum sheets:

Cut the aluminum to the right size (you may  need to have the hardware store do this for you), place it on top of the glass, and insert it into the frame.

Step 3:

Hang your new message board somewhere in your office space and start displaying your favorite photos, notes, cards, inspirational quotes, reminders, to-dos, etc.


Make it an Office Project:

Of course this project is the perfect size for single offices/cubicles; however if you have several employees or work stations in your office building, it could also make a fun office-wide project. All you'd have to do is provide a variety of frames and supplies, and then set aside part of an afternoon for an office party/craft project.

What a fun way to kick off the start of summer! 

How do you add a personal touch to your work space?


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