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Combat the typical business trip experience, which usually involves sitting on the airport floor just to charge your laptop at one of the scarce outlets along the wall. From, “A new survey sponsored by WIRED and Marriott Hotels & Resorts, found that 48 percent of readers polled said they are ‘more productive when they work remotely’ and 45 percent have ‘unmet needs when working remotely.’ “

Along with lack of power, another issue is WiFi. Although it is becoming widely available for free, business travelers are still unhappy. “Flight information provider FlightView this spring surveyed more than 600 business travelers and found that 28 percent and 32 percent are dissatisfied with the Wi-Fi provided by airlines and airports, respectively.” (from

This type of information doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Hotels and airports are taking steps to consider the needs of business travelers. From new charging stations to meeting areas, the business trip experience has become more pleasant and productive.

Along with technology upgrades, airports like Heathrow, Vancouver and Copenhagen provide sleeping pods with noise-cancelling headphones so travelers can catch a few hours of sleep before traveling.

Marriott Hotels & Resorts teamed up with Steelcase to create Workspring Marriot, an eco friendly meeting space. A prototype has been introduced at the Redmond Marriot Town Center near Seattle. This unique meeting space changes the idea of traveling for business, bringing technology into a work suite that is ideal for small groups or individuals to get work done on the road.

“Workspring’s design focuses on the effectiveness of small groups, enabling them to deliver on clearly defined objectives and mission-critical expectations, said Steelcase Vice President of Initiatives John Malnor. “The Workspring experience is designed to help our guests do their best work as individuals and teams.”


The traveling experience isn't perfect yet, but steps are being taken to improve the system. Before heading out on your next trip, see what amenities are offered at the airport. And pretty soon, Workspring will be available at Marriot locations around the country.

Have you seen any interesting business spaces for travel? Please share!


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Danny Christian August 28, 2013

I’ll be honest. I feel far more productive when I am on the road so I get what the people in the Marriott survey mean. Could be because I have little else to do at the time that I would normally do, but for whatever reason, I definitely get more done. #TravelWork

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