Incorporating Pantones Color of the Year at the Office: Emerald


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Every year, a color of the year is announced. While seemingly trivial, the color will dictate the color schemes in fashion, decor and design for that year. This years color is gorgeous emerald green. Here are a few easy tips and tricks for bringing this bold and lush color into your work life.


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1. Don't go overboard

Since the "It" color changes every year, don't bring too much of it into your wardrobe  home and office. For instance, don't suddenly paint your workspace emerald, only to fall involve with next years color. Emerald is such a lovely color that getting only a few pieces will be enough to stand out.

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2. Emerald isn't just for clothing

Emerald is so easy to coordinate with that it's perfect for both office clothing AND office decor. Add a few emerald items to really give you office some nice pops of color. The color is perfect for a white office and it really brightens up the whole room. Even if you're not into having a green desk, emerald computer and tablet accessories can also do the trick!

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3. Know your shades

The great thing about Pantone colors is that you always know the exact color you're trying to match. And even though something says it's emerald, that doesn't mean it actually is. You can look at the exact shade that Pantone means on their website, as well as all of the other colors you could ever possibly want.

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4. Change your office art

Changing the paint color or furniture in your office could mean time and money you don't have or want to spend. But putting up a new work of art would take minutes and could change the whole vibe of your space. And that way, you can keep the office mostly intact and put the original art back up later.

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5. Get emerald desk accessories

And if you're just not ready to change your office around into an emerald paradise, grab a few desk accessories in the color. Pantone sells a variety of products for home and office, including a color swatch chip drivecoffee mug and iPhone case all in emerald. These products will easily reflect the year's color, and they can be easily changed out for the next color.

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And if emerald really isn't your color, pick another shade of green to try out! Turnstone has some great shades of green.

How will you be adding emerald into your work life?


Justin Schaid April 2, 2013

Here is a cool idea to save some space! While the color is a bit brighter, the moni-padâ„¢ line of sleek monitor and tablet stands come in some pretty, bright colors that will liven up any office space. They are designed in the spirit of mid century modern steel furniture and add a square foot to your desktop! You can check them out at

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