Innovation Protocol’s Creativity Producing Office Space


Brick walls, tall bookcases, modern furniture and an open office environment-all elements that have me wanting to work at yet another great office space. And now for a tour of Innovation Protocol's headquarters....

Describe your office space to us.

Innovation Protocol is a brand strategy consulting firm situated in the heart of the burgeoning Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. The 4,000-square-foot, dual-floor space was chosen specifically in this area since the loft-style buildings promote creativity and offer room to breathe. Innovation Protocol’s office space was customized to fuel open team interaction and creative inspiration and, ultimately, unparalleled client service.

As you explore the space, you will find exposed brick walls, exposed wood ceilings, wooden cubby-hole storage and hardwood floors throughout. The walls are adorned with artwork donated by developmentally disabled adults at the non-profit LA Goal, an organization Innovation Protocol served as a pro-bono client. Other art includes real airplane gears from Transworld Alloys, a nod to the gear theme from the Innovation Protocol logo.

The expansive space upstairs was designed for promoting ideation in the comfort of a “living room” environment. A large portion of the upstairs environment is reserved as an open meeting space available to the entire company for impromptu social or business meetings. The large conference rooms are filled with wall-to-wall opaque glass used by meeting participants to express ideas in a way that promotes freedom of expression and transparency.

The Innovation Protocol team is comprised of 24 staffers (more if you include the canine members) who occasionally enjoy a raucous game of Rock Band in the game room or a team birthday celebration on the back patio. The office also boasts a company funded library filled with books chosen by employees based on their interests.

Where did the inspiration for your office space design come from?

The layout of the office was originally developed with the client in mind. When a client walks through the space, the sequence replicates the proprietary approach used by Innovation Protocol. This helps clients understand Innovation Protocol’s proprietary brand strategy process, but also reinforces a deeper understanding among employees.

The layout was further evolved to eliminate walls where needed to allow for the free flow of communication, and to promote personalization of the space so that the character of our company and people are on full exhibit.

What is your favorite part/design of your office space and why?

 My favorite aspect of our office space is the personality that it exudes. In every corner and on every wall, employees and visitors understand that this is a place of serious work and serious fun. There is collective personality, such as the quirky messages updated on the Red Cross banner hung in the lobby following our bi-monthly blood drive.  And there is the individual personality displayed on each team member’s workstation, exhibiting items from their creative endeavors and “passion projects”, which are encouraged and often financially supported by the company. 

Do you feel that having a well designed and inspiring office has changed the way you and your employees work?

Without question, yes. This space is all about freedom of expression. It is critically important that every member of the Innovation Protocol team is empowered to speak up and be a part of the process. The design and flow of this space foster unhindered communication and collaboration.

If you could use one word to describe the feel of the office space, what would it be?


Tell us about your company and what it means to you to have a well-designed office space.

Innovation Protocol is an award-winning brand strategy consulting firm that specializes in serving organizations that are changing the nature of their markets. Groundbreaking ideas live and die by the clarity with which they are communicated. That is why the orchestration of brand voice and visual expression of a brand are so fundamental to a successful global business strategy.  The office was designed with this perspective on brand strategy in mind.

The office layout promotes natural collaboration between the teams tasked with the various components of the brand creation process.  Markers of hierarchy are limited, which is critical in an environment in which ideas are judged and selected only by their merit and what they contribute to client programs.  Our teams are free to remain fully focused on our company’s and clients’ missions.

It won’t surprise you that our offices were designed with the Innovation Protocol brand in mind. From the color schemes (burgundy, black and white) to the artwork depicting our gear logo, no detail is too small. As creative people, we are inspired by meaningful visuals and spaces that promote inquisitive exploration.

Interview with Sasha Strauss, managing director of Innovation Protocol

What do you think of the Innovation Protocol offices? Would you want to work there? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cameron Robertson March 6, 2014

Great usage of space. I especially like the idea of partitions. You can separate one huge room into two or more rooms and thus increasing storage within that area. You have done a great job and the office does not even look too cluttered or crampy with all that extra stuff on the new wall shelves and bookcases. Storage is always a necessity wherever we go and walls will work wonders if we utilize them properly.

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