Keep Your Tech Organized While Travelling with Grid-It


As The Office Stylist, I can say I have a lot of traveling I do throughout the year. Because of that, I’ve learned a few tricks and things that make it a little easier. Things like what to watch out for in a slow security line, how to make sure you make your flight even if you’re running late and most importantly products that make traveling easier on me.

A product I recently came across and couldn’t wait to tell you guys about is the Grid-It:

Measures 12in X 8.125in

What it’s great for:

  • Keeping your gadgets organized
  • Keeping your gadgets cords/accessories together
  • Reducing the risk of losing things while you travel
  • Makes it easier and more efficient to work while you travel

For $22 it looks great and does a great job at handling my gadgets on the go. 

Get it here

What do you guys use when you travel? Any of you have the Grid-It? Let me know in the comments below!


Isabel Green August 13, 2014

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