Working in an organized space will not only help you to be more efficient and more productive — it will also help you to enjoy the time you spend in your office area! And whether you work in a big corner office, the back bedroom of your house, your car, or even a tray table in your living room, there are plenty of creative ways you can better organize your office space.

Here are a few of my favorite creative office organizing ideas — many of which are extremely affordable!

Cord Clutter:

Cord clutter seems to be an issue in every office setting. Even with all the wireless items we have, there are still plenty of chargers, batteries, and other cords that can make your office look messy and†disorganized. Try corralling them with these simple ideas.

Organize them with small tags under the desk

Use binder clips to keep charging cords organized on the desk top

Recycle old toilet paper rolls to corral cord clutter

Small Office Supplies:

Small office supplies like paper clips, rubber bands, push pins, pencils, pens, etc. can be organized with a few simple containers you probably already have on hand. And when these supplies are organized and easily accessible, you’ll always be able to find what you need, when you need it.

I love using magnetic spice containers because they are see-through

I also like these clear glass jars that can be mounted on the wall or on the cabinets above

Arrange small boxes in a shallow draw and use them to organize all your many supplies

One of my favorite ways to organize office supplies is with a variety of mason jars

Use an egg carton to keep all the necessary supplies at a close reach

Tuna cans also make great drawer organizers

Paper Clutter:

No matter how “paperless” you try to be, it’s almost inevitable that paper clutter will work its way into your office at some point. Here are a few creative ways to display and organize that paper clutter.

Nail a yard stick on your wall and use simple clothes pins to hold sticky notes as a visual to-do list

Organize projects for every day of the week with these mail slots mounted on the wall

You could even transform an entire wall into a decorative place to contain your paper clutter

More Organizing Ideas:

And just because there are so many great organizing ideas out there, here are a few more creative ways to organize your office space.

I love the mono-chromatic and uniform look of these storage boxes

Have you ever thought of using paint cans in your office! You can buy unused ones at most hardware stores.

Peg board is another one of my favorite organizing tools — and yes, it can be used in an office too!

If you have the space, you could paint an entire wall with magnetic paint or chalkboard paint and use it to not only organize supplies, but also display artwork and other items as well.

Even the smallest office space can make room for this cart filled with office essentials

Use a spare closet to store and organize all sorts of office goodies

You probably have many of these “organizing tools” laying around your home or office already — and with just a little creativity, you can transform your office space {however big or small it may be} into a more organized, productive, and enjoyable place to work!