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It is the perfect time (other than New Years, of course) to change your habits. One step to a new year is to rethink your lunch. It is the perfect chance to recharge and reconnect with your coworkers. Take time to stop and enjoy your meal. Try different ways to foster coworker relationships without the pressure of a project deadline, by simply breaking some bread. You can even check out Grubwithus to network with people over a meal in your area.

Use lunch time as a community element to help strengthen your culture, no matter what it is.

1.  Don’t Eat with Your Team Every Day

As a kid, you were all put together in one large room to eat together. The jocks sat at one table, the geeks at another, and other groups got lumped at certain tables according to their social standing. You are an adult now. Lunchtime shouldn’t be a declaration of what group you belong to. If you work in Marketing, eat with the Engineers. Are you a Research and Development guru? Eat with the Developers. This will get you familiar with people working in other fields as well as understand other facets of the company.

2.  Paid Lunches

It is a nice employee perk to have lunch paid for. As a business owner, paying for lunch is a small token of gratitude that goes a long way. Google pays for employee food, but even if you aren’t a huge corporation, you should foot the bill once in a while. Come together once a week for a catered lunch.

3.  Breaking up lunch into snacks

Instead of having one big meal during the day, you can get little snacks for small breaks. Instead of a water cooler conversation, meet up over a snack, like an ice cream cone or a slice of pizza.

4.  Brown bag

Pack your own brown sack and do an old fashioned lunch swap with your coworkers like you did back at school (trade you my apple for that yogurt).

Making your own lunch before you go to work is a great way to cut back on money. Use this calculator to see how much you could save.

For an earth-saving option, a reusable lunch bag like the Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote by BuildNY is stylish, easy to clean, and won't need to be thrown away.

Delivery, potluck, brown bag, or however you want to do it, stay in the office and have lunch with your coworkers. Talk about anything but work. This is a good chance to bond and improve office morale and culture.

How do you lunch with coworkers? Please tell us in the comments!


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