Make Your Office Non-Standard Using Felt, Cardboard, Plywood, and OSB


There is nothing worse than coming to work into an office that looks like it was fashioned after the set of Office Space. If your work requires any sort of creativity, then too bad for you, your standard office will do nothing but provide inspiration for creative yawning.

In order to combat the office doldrums, many companies have decided to get creative in how they design their office spaces. And just how are they doing it? By using non-standard materials like OSB, Cardboard, Plywood, and Felt.

Felt - Felt is a fabric made from wool and has a really interesting look and feel to it. If you're uncomfortable using real wool felt, you can also find polyester felt can be quite a bit less expensive. If you're shopping online, you might consider Amazon, The Felt Company, or even Etsy for small orders.

Cardboard - Cardboard is a fun material that can be used for several purposes from tackboards and dividers to structures like desks and tables. 

OSB - Oriented Strand Board has an awesome look to it that can add some industrial aesthetic qualities to your office. Essentially the idea is that you aren't worried about the look by covering it up with paint. Though as best I can tell, most people seal it with clear coat. This can be used in all sorts of ways and can be picked up at your local hardware store.

Plywood - Plywood is similar to OSB in its uses but is much more sturdy. Find it at your local hardware store as well.

Which material would you most like to see integrated into your office's design?

Now let's get inspired!


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