No need to take the “home” out of “home office”


There are usually stark differences between an office and a home office - one is more comfortable and more personalized while the other breeds a time-clock mentality of getting through the day.

I've worked up some good tips to marry the comfort and personalization of a home office to your everyday work space - and I think it can benefit your work and life as a whole.

When I'm looking at a home office and then at a corporate office space I always notice 3 main things:

  1. Lighting
  2. Space
  3. Color

Usually the lighting is softer, the space more defined and the color warmer in a home office. In the corporate office space I generally notice the lighting is harsher, the space is smaller (for a personal work space) and the colors are cooler.

I love the modern design of most office spaces, they're very well thought out - they flow well and everything seems to just work. But there's a quirkiness to a home office that I can't let go of. The accents of a crazy rug, the pop of personalized art, the height of wall space; to name a few.

In the office below I really resonate with the space. Natural lighting, wall shelves, clean design but soft edges. Walls ... and that rug. The simple details of displaying pottery as a design accent makes the space feel like home, to me. It's warm and welcoming - I would work here. I would be inspired here.


Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

In contrast to this home office in the photo below, I love the clean lines and openness of the space. The chalkboard wall and even the colors. However, it's not inspiring and it would be hard for me to work here. The personalization of the space is non-existent and while keeping the details to a minimum helps the space feel open - it's colder, less inviting and the overhead lighting is harsh.

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

I don't think that these spaces need to be in contrast entirely, I believe there are ways to make both a better fit for productivity. 

I would like to get rid of the cube farm. I might even push each desk against the wall and make the community space the middle section and the productivity the outer rim (now a hallway). That gives each desk the use of a wall. I might even color block it - so each desk has it's own accent color. From there it's easy to envision an individual creating a space that speaks to them. They can install shelves and forgo the file cabinet, perhaps. They could display art easily, add photographs or even bring a bit of home to work.


Using an unconventional desk at your corporate space helps bring personality back. Old dining tables with modern chairs add's the pop of color but keeps the space comfortable and homey. 

The use of fabrics in an office, whether as window coverings or accent rugs, pillows or laptop cases and accessories; softens the tone of the space as well. You can't always get around the harsh lighting - but adding soft textures to your space will add warmth and blood back to the design. 

Stephen showed us 17 highly personalized office spaces that take the gold for adding your personality to your work space while Krista tackled some great tips on encouraging personality in the office, but we want to know - how would you bring your favorite Home Office spaces to work and bring Work to your home office?


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