Office Myth: You Have to Spend a lot of Money to Have a Nice Office


When I started styling offices, I made sure to make it clear to both clients and to my readers that I don't design offices with items like a $20,000 desk, $10,000 desk chairs (believe me these exist) and other outrageously priced pieces of furniture. It just wasn't me and I strongly believe and know that you can have an amazing office space without spending a crazy amount of money. This brings me to a particular "Office Myth" I'd like to bust. 

Let's go through the different phases of your business or office life and see where your budget fits and the look that you can get.

1. The "I just started my company and literally eat Ramen noodles because every penny is going into my business and I had to move into my parents garage budget"

Your Office Design Budget: Under $500

Obviously you are bootstrapping your business and budget is everything. You may be at a point where you're ready to move into your first office space so you need functional furniture that's on the cheap. You know where I'm going with this...IKEA. You can still find modern, stylish furniture and on the cheap. You should know however that this is definitely not long term furniture, you're looking at about a years worth of use (in my opinion). Also, it does tend to look very budget friendly to those that see the furniture in person but you do what ya gotta do.

2. Now the next phase of your business where you are no longer relying on Ramen noodles and you're now making some profit. You need modern, well designed furniture that is built to LAST and you want employees to love where they work. In addition to that, you want your clients to know your serious about your business and that you'll stick around for the long haul. Obvious choice here....Turnstone. 

You can always start with upgrading your chairs (low-quality chairs will cause back problems) then move up to bigger furniture items from Turnstone when you can. For me its more about quality and design than it is about budget. I know that in the long run its better to spend lets say $5000 up front than $1000 every year and having to replace furniture that isn't built to last. It also helps that Turnstone has their own design team that will design an entire office for you- for FREE. 

Regardless of budget, you can have a stylish office without emptying your bank account. Even if you barely had a budget, there is always the option of thrift furniture that you restore yourself (yes this takes work) but where there is a will there is way. Anyone who tells you a $20,000 designer desk is the only way to have a well-designed office space doesn't know what they're talking about, its all about what you do with what you got.

Do you believe you need to spend a lot of money to have a stylish office space? Let us know in the comments below!

-Sayeh, The Office Stylist



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