Organizing your cords


Everyone can relate to the annoyance of having multiple wires and cords floating around your desk and workspace that are no doubt a necessity but just as much an eye sore. I've tried tying our together with little metal twist ties, ribbon and even, dangerous as it may be, stapling them along the wall.

Not only have these proved to be ineffective, they're also just about as ugly as the wires they are trying to contain. This simple solution uses binder clips, which seem to be rarely used as that around our house anyways, as a means to wrangle all of your cord cables. This is great because they're easily movable, inexpensive, fast and minimal.


Another handy solution for keeping your cords in order are these Great Balls of Wire by Søren Refsgaard, found at the Finnish Design Shop. A little less than the size of a tennis ball,   these compact little storage spheres can handle 5 feet of cable. Even for the most cord infested work space, several of these hanging around be much less invasive than feet or unruly wire.



Edward Thirlwall June 28, 2013

I have tried this in the office and it is amazing on how to organize the cords with just a simple binder clips. But nowadays, cords look almost the same. Thus, I have collected these bread clips where the expiry date and price are stamped. I used these to label the cords, and also using the colors to identify the cords. It was a great idea that some of my colleagues in the self storage have adopted it.

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