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Pinterest is one of the top 3 social and mobile apps right now and as an individual - it's intoxicating. (Trust me.) But as a business or brand - it can be one of the best marketing tools for you to engage in right now. 

In a nutshell, Pinterest is an online bulletin board where members can "Pin" photos that inspire them. On the mobile app, Members can also go from Pinning to Point of Purchase in just one click. This is your new favorite tool, I promise.

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So how do we use it? And what should we be using it for?

Pinterest does a great job of walking you through the process and answering all your question - go here for their expertise. 


1. You can use pinterest to inspire and share your own inspirations. I have a board specifically for office design. On this board I pin things that I find inspiring in an office, things I'd like to have in my office, layouts, DIY projects for my office and ideas.

Office Pinboard: Pinterest

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I also have a board just for my dream office. They're different, even though they sound the same. I've used Pinterest as a tool to pitch to clients. When they can see my vision (and be part of the dreaming stage with me) it's easier to marry the idea of the pitch to the outcome. It works really well. 


2. In the same vein you can attract clients and talent through your Pinterest boards. When you pin photos of your team and invite them to collaborate on the digital space it creates a community feel. I don't know about you but when I'm looking to work with a company - whether it's a traditional job or not, the environment in which I'd be working is one of my top priorities. It can also be as simple as "I love Pinterest, they USE Pinterest!"

Just as I've used Pinterest to pitch work, I've also been pitched work based on my regular Pinterest activity. When you have brands and companies following you - and you're repinning, or organically pinning products that match theirs or are interesting - it makes the conversation much easier. "From your Pinterest boards I can see that you're very active in the kitchen and it seems like you love to DIY ... we'd love to work with you, follow us at ... this is what we're thinking ... etc ... " Boom.


3. So how exactly is this a marketing tool? You have a captive audience and if it's authentic (people actively interacting and pinning, sharing ideas etc) you have a following. It only takes one pin - and that one pin could potentially be seen across the globe. Follow like minded pinners, industries, companies and as a rule don't just pin your own product or ideas (your own blogs etc), you should be the source for the entire industry you're in. When you're the person to follow because you have all the best ideas, I trust you. I'll buy this product from you before the actual retailer because you're the one who invested in the digital relationship with me. It's give and take. Don't be the presence on Pinterest just because everyone else is doing it, you have to engage. This is a tool you can harness into a great catalyst for your business. 


4. Yes, Engage. Repin, organically pin items from websites you follow, ideas you've come across, tips ... posters. Build a personality into your Pinterest (company or otherwise). Being active in this way is a great networking tool. I don't always follow someone just because they follow me, and you shouldn't either. We can control the kind of noise we see on a daily basis, so be diligent. When you sign in to Pinterest you should be inspired by what you see because the people you follow inspire you - and when you add to the web, you should be thinking in that same way. When you do find users and boards that you love, follow those pins to the websites and continue the relationship by commenting or emailing. One of the things Pinterest has done beyond build traffic for many retailers and bloggers, from the blogger side, is taken away some of the community feel on the actual website. When the information everyone wants is so readily available, a comment or email to the author or crafter, retailer, business owner ... goes a long way.

I'm an active Pinner and you can follow me here. Leave us a comment with your user name, we'd love to "meet you". If you're on Pinterest as an individual or brand right now - what are some of the most surprising things you've noticed from using it? Are you hooked? And what advice could you add to the mix for the rest of us?


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Fabricio September 11, 2012

Excellent tip especially given the portlapiuy of Pinterest and the infatuation with quotes. I like the ShareAsImage site because the site promotes sharing through Twitter and Facebook as well.

Pinterest Marketing February 5, 2014

The Importance of Using Pinterest for Business Marketing is increasing day by day grin In order to keep engaging contents, non-profit groups are updating their Pinterest profile with lots of high quality images wink

Swayam Das February 5, 2014

Nice post where you have mentioned about the Engagement. Repin strategy works only if the images are of high quality wink Personally I wouldn’t pin a dull and boring picture lolz..

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