Putting it together: How to incorporate many personalities into one culture


We are all different. We all work in unique ways in regards to our jobs, environments, and personalities. Finding the right mesh of all the various individuals working in one place can be a challenge, especially when they are all bringing different personal items to work. How do you create an attractive space, while embracing distinct personality traits of many people? Don’t hate on your neighbors vacation photos, there are ways to make everyone happy without sacrificing a cohesive company culture. Some of these tips may or may not apply depending on your workplace.

  1. Matching photo frames

Unless you want your office to look like a crazy scattered refrigerator door, incorporate matching frames throughout your space for art and photos. You can match your décor as well as any company colors or branding while still showing off individuality. At Grind coworking space in New York, they have electronic screens to upload imagery, almost like a rotating art gallery.

      2.  Limit oddities to your desk

Maybe your other coworkers don’t share your appreciation for ceramic cats, so avoid putting quirky oddities throughout public domains if they don’t necessarily adhere to what the company does.

      3.  Create a “Do and Don’t” List

There are just some things you don’t bring to work. It all depends on your industry of course; if you work at a toy company, it would make sense to have toys on your desk. But if you want to be straight-laced, leave them at home. 

      4.  Show off personality in a grandiose way

The last thing you want to do is discourage your employees from expressing themselves, especially in creative fields. So why not make it part of the culture? If someone is big into biking, hang up bike hooks and encourage the rest of the office to use them too. If an employee has an outside interest, envelop the rest of the office in it.


How do you satisfy employee interests throughout your workspace? Do you encourage personal expression, or is it better to leave the personal items at home? How does this influence your culture? Let us know in the comments!


steven August 18, 2014

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