Reintegrating after a vacation


Taking time off to relax or refresh is essential. Whether it's a weekend away, purposefully making every weekend one without work or the planned 10 days away across the world. We all need a bit of reenergizing but how do we make the transfer back into the working world? 

They say it takes about 2 days to really unplug, so how long does it really take to get past the vacation hang over of fun and relaxation?

Laketown Beach

Photo via jodimichelle on Flickr.Perhaps you should skip the red eye flight to make it back for work right on time the following day. Create a buffer from traveling to work. There always seems to be something in the way of your best efforts to get the most fun out of your vacation and seamlessly flow right back into work and production within hours.

Go slowly. Make sure you time your arrival during a week where you won't have to make large presentations. (If it's inevitable, be prepared before you go.) Have your first meeting back from vacation at the coffee shop, it gets your feet wet and gives the relaxed atmosphere for you to do your work while getting back into the groove of things.

Slow mornings soon shared with friends. I love this life.

Photo via jodimichelle on Flickr.

Bring your vacation back with you. Depending on where your creative juices lie at work it could be very possible for you to bring a bit of your time away to work. Did you take some amazing photos? Is there a marketing or design element or department in your office? If nothing else you can inspire your employees with your time away. In the end, if you could use your photo's or spruce up the conference room with a souvenir, you'll have those little reminders of a great vacation - and quite possibly you'll have more fun at work because of it.

If you come back to an out of sorts office or a large presentation or conference on your schedule: try to leave for your vacation completely prepared. Have your presentation notes submitted and approved. Have your bag already packed for the conference. If you have proposals due just days after your return, try not to bring them with you - but to have the 1st draft ready to go so when you return all you have to do is edit, refresh and send.

The Factory: 4th floor

Photo via jodimichelle on Flickr.

Of course not all of these tips and ideas will apply to you and your process for reintegrating after a vacation but hopefully it gave you some ideas. What would you add to the pot? Any great ideas that have worked for you in the past on getting your groove back after a great vacation?


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